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Careers in Denmark


Bilfinger Danmark A/S is a leading integrated inspection solutions provider. Across Denmark, we are increasing the efficiency of assets in the process industry. With passion, innovative technologies and special engineering know-how, we deliver individual and future-oriented solutions to our customers.


Become part of something big, and start your success story at Bilfinger Danmark A/S. Work with us and overcome diverse and exciting challenges in your job. Work with a leading integrated inspection solutions provider where successful work receives immediate recognition and where team spirit is a top priority. Bilfinger Danmark A/S offers exciting opportunities to help you achieve your career goals.

Why choose us?

Equal opportunities


At Bilfinger Danmark A/S, all employees enjoy the same opportunities in terms of hiring and their ongoing development within the company. There can be no discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ideology, disability or age. The diversity of our employees enriches our company and is a key factor for our corporate success.


Personal development


As a leading integrated solutions provider, our employees are our most valuable commodity, and their ongoing training and qualification allows them to excel both personally and professionally. Regardless of our colleagues work area or where they are in their career, we work with them to continuously expand their professional qualifications.


Rewarding talent


Our policy is to hire people with the right qualifications and skills for a specific post. An integral part of that approach is our compensation system, which is geared solely to the requirements of the position, individual performance, the conditions and competition for talent in the local market as well as pay scale agreements.


In safe hands


You can be reassured that you are in safe hands at Bilfinger Danmark A/S, safety is always a top priority throughout our company. We are proud of our outstanding performance in occupational safety. We will not let anything stand in our way as we pursue our goal of 'zero work-related accidents.' 


Help shape the future

Bilfinger Danmark A/S as an employer offers something going far beyond your work duties, many of our projects have created added social value and changed the world that we see today.


Meaningful Projects:

  • Modifying biotech plants in record time to produce COVID-19 vaccines.

  • Designing production plants for green hydrogen in the North Sea.

  • Capturing CO2 in a waste incineration plant and re-using it to grow crops.

  • Ensuring the safety of highway bridges with modern technology.

  • Reducing the volume of radioactive waste produced by nuclear plants by around 20 percent.

  • Significant increase in energy efficiency at a brown coal power station.


Working on meaningful projects is a rewarding and transformative experience that brings a source of fulfillment, purpose, and personal growth that goes beyond the paycheck. These endeavors allow our employees to channel their skills, creativity, and passion towards making a positive impact on the world.

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