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Company Profile

Your Trusted Partner in Inspection & NDT

Since our inception in 2018 with just 5 dedicated individuals, we have transformed into a powerhouse of 115 skilled professionals, redefining industry standards along the way. Bilfinger Danmark A/S isn’t just another NDT service provider. We specialise in Advanced Non-Destructive Testing (ANDT), redefining industry standards and raising the bar for excellence. Not only do we offer a wide array of NDT methods, we’ve chosen to focus on cutting-edge technologies in order to offer best-in-class solutions for the most challenging situations.

We understand that our client’s challenges are unique and we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all NDT approaches. Instead we work closely with our customers to tailor inspection solutions to fit their specific needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness for their operations. In just a few years, we’ve grown exponentially, owing our success to unwavering commitment, relentless innovation, and unmatched expertise. Today, we stand as a leading force in Denmark’s energy sector, offering a wide range of Inspection and (A)NDT services. Our extensive resources and collective knowledge enable us to take on challenges that others simply can’t match.


in NDT and ANDT assets

NDT Inspectors

are rope access trained

Productivity Savings

offered in comparison to traditional methods

Specialist Services

Inspection Excellence:

Our team of highly qualified professionals ensures that your assets meet the strictest quality and safety standards. We conduct thorough inspections in lined with industry standard to detect and prevent potential issues, keeping your operations running smoothly.

(Advanced) Non-Destructive Testing NDT:

Utilising cutting-edge technology, we provide NDT solutions that go beyond surface inspections. Our NDT methods are non-invasive and designed to identify flaws in order to safeguard your investments. Our methods include and are not limited to: MT, PT, VT, RT, EC, UT, ToFD, PAUT, ACFM, PEC, Guided Waves.


Our Inspection Engineers are certified NDT level 3 in MT, PT, VT, RT, EC, UT, ToFD PAUT, FROSIO Level 3, IWE, IWI-C, API 510, API 570, EEMUA.

NDT Consultancy & Technical Qualification:

Our technical team has extensive experience delivering NDT qualification projects. One of the fundamental requirements of developing innovations and reliably qualifying NDT techniques is the requirement for experienced and qualified NDT engineers. Bilfinger has one of the most extensive and capable technical teams in the industry, with multiple ISO 9712 NDT Level 3 engineers, with over 200+ years of combined experience. This allows Bilfinger to easily bridge the gap between laboratory and practical delivery.

Plant Inspection:

Our comprehensive plant inspection services ensure the reliability and safety of your industrial facilities. Our API/ ASME qualified inspectors are trained to assess the condition of your equipment and infrastructure, helping you avoid costly downtime.

Remote Inspection:

Leveraging the latest in technology, we offer remote inspection solutions using drones and automated robots. These advanced tools allow us to inspect hard-to-reach or hazardous areas with precision and efficiency, minimizing risk and reducing operational disruptions.

Rope Access Specialists:

As pioneers in rope access technology, we excel in providing efficient access solutions for challenging environments. Our rope access services enable us to reach inaccessible areas, reducing downtime and costs.


Company Values

We Create


We enhance the efficiency of assets, increase their availability and reduce maintenance costs. We solve multifaceted and challenging tasks by combining first class engineering with imagination and creativity.

We Care


We put our clients first. We listen attentively, understand their needs and honour our commitments. We are committed to the well-being of our people, society and our environment.

We Can


We are a solid and ambitious partner with the capability and experience of our highly motivated colleagues throughout the world. We deliver custom solutions that anticipate our clients' current and future needs.

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