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05/02/2023 | Net Zero Roadmap
05/02/2023 | "Immediately available with an immediate impact"
01/24/2023 | CCS-/CCU-Technology: A Market on the verge of a Breakthrough
01/24/2023 | Study: Nearly 200 commercial CCS projects worlwide
01/24/2023 | Project Porthos: CO2-Storage under the North Sea
01/24/2023 | Feasibility Study: CO2 Capture as key component of sustainability strategy
01/24/2023 | Pilot Plant: Reversing the impact of CO2 Emissions
11/23/2022 | Karen de Lathouder, CEO BP Netherlands: 'I want to lead and accelerate the energy transition'

Troubled times in the energy market are not stopping Karen de Lathouder from pushing ahead with BP's sustainability plans. I didn't invent the fossil…

11/23/2022 | Enough builds world's largest protein plant in Zeeland

The world faces several major challenges. Climate, energy and food supply, to name a few. The Scottish founders of Enough are happy to take on those…

11/23/2022 | Nahima Lanjri, Flemish Member of Parliament: 'There is still a lot of untapped potential employable in the labor market'

Social affairs and employment are two of the focal points in the portfolio of Flemish Member of Parliament Nahima Lanjri. During a working visit…


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