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Project Solutions

We are your interdisciplinary partner for handling your project portfolio, from small to large and complex projects. Our services cover the entire life cycle of the project, from the concept phase through to construction and commissioning.

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Maintenance Solutions

As an industrial service provider with decades of experience, Bilfinger is your partner for the maintenance of process plants. Our maintenance experts ensure the smooth operation of your plants, avoid unplanned plant downtimes and carry out general overhauls with thousands of work steps safely and on time.

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Turnaround Solutions

With the Bilfinger Turnaround Solution (BTS), we have developed a method for optimally implementing your turnaround in the process industry. The result is a systematic approach with which you can plan and implement complete general overhauls at various locations over several periods.

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Inspection Solutions

With our Bilfinger Inspection Solution (BIS), we offer you an efficient solution that combines various inspection services and supporting services, all via a single interface. Our experts from various disciplines are at your side at every stage of the plant life cycle - from prefabrication to routine inspections during operation to dismantling - to meet your various inspection requirements.

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Regardless of whether you need engineering for greenfield plants or modification and modernization projects for brownfield plants: We present you with the optimized solution. Our wide range of services includes engineering for process plants, buildings and the entire infrastructure surrounding your industrial plant - from feasibility studies and planning to sound advice and successful implementation.

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Insulation, Scaffolding and Corrosion Protection (ISP) 

Bilfinger offers you tailor-made solutions in scaffolding, insulation, corrosion protection and rope access to maximize your productivity and minimize downtime. Our multidisciplinary approach guarantees safe and efficient services, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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Electrical Instrumentation & Control (E&IC)

As a competent and manufacturer-independent service provider, we are fully aware of the sensitivity of your production facilities and the importance of electrical, measurement and control technology (EMSR). Benefit from the advantage of obtaining all Bilfinger services from a single source.

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As a service provider for rotating machinery, we support you from the initial concept phase of the production system through to the continuous optimization of your production processes. With our in-house workshops, we can offer our customers tailor-made solutions and guarantee the highest quality and safety. 

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We actively support you in the digitalization of your work processes, develop smart systems for data acquisition and analysis, reduce costs by introducing digital solutions and sustainably increase efficiency and plant availability.

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About us

With seven locations and around 220 employees, Bilfinger Switzerland operates as an SME in the industrial services sector. As market leader, Bilfinger Switzerland offers its customers all services in the life cycle of an industrial plant, increases efficiency, ensures high availability and reduces maintenance costs.

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Locations in Switzerland

Bilfinger Switzerland is at home in seven locations. The branches extend from the French part of the country, the Welschland, to the German part of Switzerland.

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Why Bilfinger Switzerland as a partner

Ten good reasons why you should choose Bilfinger Switzerland as your partner.

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Bilfinger has been a sought-after solution provider for industry for over 140 years. Our services make a difference worldwide and support the process industry as a reliable partner for greater efficiency and sustainability. Get an overview of our orders here.

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Bilfinger Switzerland provides various downloads. From brochures and flyers to certificates and purchasing and sales documents.

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Research project mi H2DRY plant entering the next phase

  • Hydrogen storage as a flexibility option for green energy
  • Joint research to drive forward sustainable solutions
  • Use of existing natural gas infrastructure

The current construction and subsequent operation of Bilfinger's H2dry plant at the energy service provider EWE's gas storage site in Rüdersdorf near Berlin marks the beginning of the next phase for the future possible storage of hydrogen in underground caverns.

Green hydrogen available on demand

The storage and retrieval of hydrogen in cavern storage facilities - similar to natural gas - can contribute to creating additional flexibility in an energy system based on renewable energies in the future. The energy from green electricity is converted into hydrogen using electrolysis. If this can be stored in underground cavern storage facilities, for example, its contained energy can be used as needed. EWE is currently working on realizing this option in the "HyCAVmobil" research project in Rüdersdorf, Brandenburg, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport as part of the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Program. The hydrogen test cavern, with a volume of around 500 cubic meters, was completed a few weeks ago. This was preceded by extensive, successful leak tests of the supply line to the cavern down to a depth of 1,000 meters.

For the initial filling with hydrogen, EWE is currently installing the above-ground technology for hydrogen storage. The hydrogen drying plant developed by Bilfinger, a so-called H2dry plant, will also be used. Its technology is designed to enable the economical and efficient treatment of hydrogen on a large scale, because after storage in caverns in deep rock strata, the hydrogen has to be dried for further use.

Gaining knowledge from the research cavern

The initial hydrogen filling of the research cavern is planned for late summer. Through the subsequent interplay between injection and withdrawal of the hydrogen, Bilfinger and EWE will gain results in the following months that can be transferred to caverns with 1,000 times the volume. With 37 salt caverns, EWE alone has more than 15 percent of all German cavern storage facilities that are suitable for storing hydrogen in the future.

The drying process

The H2dry plant developed by Bilfinger is used to dry hydrogen. Project partners for the implementation of the sub-project within the EWE research project HyCAVmobil include the Institute of Thermodynamics at Leibniz University in Hanover. In the new process, hydrogen is dried by absorbing moisture using a suitable scrubbing liquid. In this method, Bilfinger draws on its many years of experience and expertise, which has already been applied on a large scale for natural gas in gas storage and has been characterized by reliability and efficiency for decades.


"We have gained experience in the development of gas drying plants throughout Europe over the past decades. This now enables us to help shape the energy transition through the use of green hydrogen."

Karsten Hoffhaus, COO Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance GmbH

"Large cavern storage facilities may be suitable for storing hydrogen in the future. This would make green hydrogen produced from renewable energies storable in large quantities and usable as needed, and would become an indispensable component for achieving set climate targets and diversifying and securing future energy supplies."

Peter Schmidt, Managing Director EWE GASSPEICHER GmbH.

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