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Together for What‘s Next – Training & Development at Bilfinger

Together for what's next

As a leading international industrial service provider, our employees are our most valuable commodity, and their ongoing training and qualification is key to the success of our company.

Regardless of your work area or where you are in your career, we can work with you to continuously expand your professional qualifications. To do so, we offer you interdisciplinary programs to help you achieve your best possible personal performance.

Our worldwide training concept links global, regional, and local educational programs to provide you with the best possible support in your development and qualifications.

On a global level, the Bilfinger Academy focuses on worldwide programs like Leadership Development and Talent Development with the goal of increasing management expertise, fostering a uniform understanding of the management field and supporting young professionals. In addition, our training and development program values tracking global trends in learning & development (such as experience-based learning), working with internationally renowned training providers and using first-class digital learning services (like LinkedIn Learning). On the regional and local levels, operational entities and divisions at Bilfinger offer additional development and training services with a focus on commercial areas. In addition, there are other internal, external and local initiatives available to promote your development on every level.


Bilfinger Academy: Together for What's Next

Unter dem virtuellen Dach der Bilfinger Academy werden die verschiedenen Aspekte der Qualifizierung und Weiterbildung konzernübergreifend gebündelt. Sie ist Ihre Anlaufstelle für eine Vielzahl an Themen rund um Ihre berufliche und persönliche Entwicklung. Die Bilfinger Academy bietet maßgeschneidert für bestimmte Zielgruppen ein breites Spektrum interner und externer Programme, mit denen Sie Ihre Stärken ausbauen und Ihrer Karriere neue Impulse verleihen können. Bei Anforderungen, die über solche zielgruppenspezifischen Programme hinausgehen, steht Ihnen die Bilfinger Academy natürlich beratend und unterstützend zur Seite.

Our services include, for example:

Learning Initiatives

There is a range of available learning services in the areas of training and development, such as our Learning Weeks, Lunch & Learning Sessions and other learning initiatives.

Learning Week, for example, allows us to set aside a week to incorporate additional learnings to benefit our personal and professional growth. You can expand your personal expertise through diverse workshops, seminars and online training sessions throughout the week. In addition, there are annual learning events such as Lunch & Learn Sessions. These events give you valuable inspiration for your career, and let you discuss career-related issues with colleagues from all over the world. Professional presentations, meetings with Executive Board members, and diverse evening programming supplement regular events.

Learning 2.0: Online Courses and E-learning

Bilfinger is pioneering industrial service digitalization. Digital learning aligns with our strong technological focus – and with the needs of our technologically-minded employees. In line with global standards, we use E-learning programs specifically designed for Bilfinger, such as programs on compliance topics or HSEQ. We also offer other opportunities for continued digital training. Through our collaboration with major global learning provider LinkedIn Learning, we provide you with 14,000 digital courses on economic, technology and creative topics which you can use to expand your skills and drive your career development.

Leadership Development

Our central Talent Management & Academy department concentrates on providing group-wide development and support for competent managers and talented employees. In doing so, this makes a key contribution to our long-term corporate success. Our leadership programs help our managers develop in a targeted way and in accordance with our requirements, to expand their own networks, and help promote discussion with Senior Management and the Executive Board. Our programming includes the Talent Program for early career starters, international leadership for management, and executive leadership for those leading businesses.

Project Management Qualification Series

Project management at Bilfinger is diverse and exciting. With our comprehensive qualification series for project managements, we offer you the expertise you need for small and large projects alike based on internationally recognized standards like PMI. Bilfinger will also support project managers through certification, if needed. Regardless of where you are in your development as a project manager, our qualification programs offer you custom-tailored support based on your individual profile of requirements and your development plan.

Mobilization Centers

In our mobilization centers, we can prepare you perfectly for your offshore work. You will receive training on all topics relevant to safety. Well-equipped rooms at Bilfinger mobilization centers are always located directly adjacent to your lodgings so you do not have to do any additional traveling. We work to create an exciting atmosphere where you can meet with your project team and engage in active discussions with your colleagues. Courses offered in mobilization centers include the following:

  • Risk assessment training
  • Computer-supported learning programs
  • Leak testing for respiratory protection
  • Current safety modules
  • Company-wide safety campaigns
  • Instruction and testing for rope access technicians

Well-equipped for your Duties: Commercial Training Programs

Especially when working with industrial systems, on construction sites, or on offshore platforms, your training and development on safety plays a key role for us. Your safety is our highest priority, and we promote that safety through an intensive, wide-ranging training concept. This includes, for example, our mobilization centers for offshore employees. You can also expand your knowledge, expertise and qualifications through ongoing training on the job and relevant instruction in your professional field. Depending on your work area, this also includes continued education on digitization. 

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