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Electrical, Instrumentation and Control (E&IC)

Bilfinger supports process industry customers with comprehensive electrical, instrumentation and control technology (EI&C) services. Whether your business is energy, chemicals, oil and gas, or food processing, you can count on our manufacturer-independent expertise across all EI&C phases.

Products & Services

Our EI&C services

Our professionalism and experience provide customers with robust, safe and efficient systems. How we support:

Design and engineering

We develop concepts for electrical installations, measuring instruments and control systems and prepare circuit diagrams and schematics for electrical circuits. Our experience in developing control strategies for process automation ensures peace of mind.

Installation and construction

We install electrical wiring, control panels and equipment. Measuring instruments are mounted and calibrated to measure variables such as pressure, temperature, flow and level.

Instrumentation and measurement

We can select, install and maintain instruments to measure and monitor process variables. Our services include the programming and configuring of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and supervisory control systems (DCS) for process control. In addition, we develop control strategies to maintain defined process parameters.

Control systems

The appropriate instruments are selected, installed and maintained to ensure the measurement and monitoring of process variables. We calibrate and validate the instruments to confirm that the accuracy of the measured values is continuously improved. In addition, we build Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) to collect and analyze data. We are developing Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) systems for operators to interact with and control processes.

Safety and compliance

To verify the safety of critical processes, we participate in hazard assessments and risk analyses. Safety measures are implemented to protect personnel, equipment and the environment.

Maintenance and troubleshooting

We perform regular maintenance and servicing of E&IC systems during plant operation. Potential faults and malfunctions in control and measurement systems are diagnosed and resolved.

Energy management

Our energy-efficient solutions optimize power consumption. We monitor energy usage and identify additional opportunities for optimization.

Integration of IT systems

Leading process companies rely on our expertise to help them integrate E&IC systems with information technology (IT) to analyze, share and manage acquired data. Cybersecurity measures can be implemented to protect against cyber threats.


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