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Moving into the future
with digital solutions

By applying innovative solutions, we are making our customers fit for the digital future. We support them in the digital transformation of their work processes, develop intelligent systems for data collection and analysis, reduce costs through the implementation of digital systems and increase the efficiency of their plants.


Digital technologies not only increase productivity, they also generate new data-driven business models. For this reason alone, operators of industrial plants definitely need to take a close look at forward-looking digital applications and solutions so that they can secure their competitive position in the future."

Gerald PilottoSenior Vice President Products & Innovation at Bilfinger
Bilfinger Collaboration & App Platform (BCAP®)

Data-based decisions – Bilfinger Collaboration & App Plattform (BCAP®)

The integration of various data sources from IT (Information Technology), OT (Operational Technology) and engineering into one platform enables a new way of contextualizing data and information. A deep understanding of the process industry combined with software expertise and data science allows us to discover interdependencies in the data and make them assessable for various applications and stakeholders. Bilfinger Collaboration & App Platform (BCAP) is a cloud-based platform that turns data into value by enabling data migration, process optimization, and predictive analytics.

BCAP is the basis to combine massive data pools in one place. This increases data integrity and quality, improves efficiency in handling data, and allows everyone to access the information. With individual applications and standard solutions in BCAP, we help our customers identify optimisation potential and increase overall equipment efficiency (OEE). This is achieved by reducing quality deviations, improving plant availability and optimising energy costs.

BCAP platform has been specially developed to ease the digital transformation of the process industry. On the one hand, BCAP offers a friendly and simple interface. On the other hand, it empowers our customers to benefit from advanced data analytics, scalability and latest IT security standards."

Max StangSenior Project Manager Digitalization & Innovation at Bilfinger

Why Bilfinger Collaboration & App Platform?

  • BCAP combines our know-how in maintenance and production in the process industry with comprehensive data science knowledge.
  • Once the data is integrated into one platform, various digital solutions can be applied and scaled.
  • The BCAP user interface is designed to easily give access to information - from higher management to blue collar employees.
  • The role-based setup provides quick insights relevant to each user.
  • Data-based decision making reduces costs, improves quality, and boosts the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

How BCAP solutions deliver data-based value:

  • Predictive Quality reveals new insights and improvement opportunities for quality parameters by linking relevant data and applying a virtual sensor or recommender model in the analysis.
  • Asset Monitoring analyses and visualizes all sensor data in one dashboard.
  • Smart Alerting prevents maintenance and production from alert floods and lets users benefit from artificial intelligence even if they do not have any knowledge of data science.
  • The Cognitive Sensor detects voice-related machine modes to reduce maintenance efforts and downtime.
  • Plant Intelligence provides a single version of truth and analysis on a plant’s operational performance, availability, and quality.
  • BCAP is a scalable platform hosted in Microsoft Azure Data Centers, which are audited for compliance with ISO27001 and ISO27018 standards on an annual basis.

The Recommender Model fully met our expectations: It was possible to achieve the optimization solely on the basis of sensor data and without any intervention in the existing plant. The increase in production capacity with identical product quality is a clear benefit for Münzing Chemie GmbH."

Sven ScholzPlant Manager at Münzing Chemie GmbH
Our app solutions

Enhancing efficiency with digital apps – from practical experience for practical use

Our employees are on site at our customers' plants every day. It is not uncommon for their equipment to include a mobile device that is suitable for industrial use, including special explosion-proof smartphones or tablets. Apps developed in-house by Bilfinger increase the efficiency of work processes, reduce errors during data entry and transmission and provide a high level of transparency. Depending on the workplace and availability, the apps can be used on a mobile device or on a computer as a web app.

Our goal was to create a assignment app that is highly useful and fun for users. Another advantage of our app is that it is compatible with other applications and can be easily expanded."

Mehemed MehmedovicHead of Legal Entity Purchase at Bilfinger arnholdt

With the digital apps, we were able to elevate communication within the company, as well as the flow of internal processes, to a whole new level once again. This not only saves us valuable time, but also enables us to access individual project processes digitally and in full at all times."

Bernd StriegelBusiness Line Manager of Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance GmbH North-West

Our digital apps include:

HSEQ app 

Recording and reporting occupational safety-related incidents to prevent accidents and document suggestions for improvement. HSEQ stands for Health, Safety, Environment, Quality.

Scaffolding app 

Documentation and bundling of all information related to a scaffolding project so that the progress of the work can be digitally viewed.

Turnaround app 

Recording the project progress of shutdowns and turnarounds in order to optimally coordinate individual work steps and to ensure it is possible to react immediately to any potential deviations. In this way, the duration of plant downtime can be reduced.

Bilfinger Work app

Bundling of all required job information for operational employees, including job assignments, rush orders, materials and risk assessments.

Bilfinger Schedule app

The Bilfinger Schedule app enables SAP-integrated scheduling of work for forward-looking work planning. The app also allows work to be assigned to specific employees, who can then complete the jobs on the move. This allows the planner to see in real time how the planned work is being carried out.

Bilfinger Check app

The Bilfinger Check app enables paperless processing of checklists of all kinds. A particular focus here is on equipment subject to mandatory inspection. As we provide many inspection services for our customers, we work with them via the BCAP platform. The Bilfinger Check app is seamlessly integrated into this platform.

Added value for
our customers:


  • Efficient work and administration processes
  • High degree of transparency with digital status updates that can be viewed in real time, e.g. on the successful completion of an equipment test
  • Data transmission errors are reduced because data is recorded directly in the system

By using the Bilfinger Turnaround Concept@Work app, constant transparency of the scope changes and deviations occurring was possible. This creates additional trust between client and contractor and significantly reduces the time required for complex cost control during the turnaround. From the customer's point of view, further expansion of this application is conducive to the future handling of turnarounds."

Dominik AckerTurnaround Manager at INEOS Styrolution Ludwigshafen GmbH

With BMC@Work, the customer has the possibility to view all booked hours, required material or special costs at a glance and to sign directly on the tablet. The paperless process saves us a considerable amount of time and makes our work so much easier."

Thomas DirrHead of Mechanical Maintenance at Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance GmbH

Where our digital expertise makes a difference:

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