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Bilfinger Industrial Services Poland

Bilfinger Industrial Services Poland

 Leading service provider for industry

Bilfinger Industrial Services Polska Sp. z o.o. is a leading provider of comprehensive services:

  • maintenance and operation - Maintanance
  • overhauls, repairs and modernisations of equipment and process lines - Turnaround
  • technical audits, industrial diagnostics.

Our services are provided in the mechanical, electrical and Control and Measurement Instruments and Automation sectors for a number of industries, in particular: power engineering, heat engineering, chemical, refinery and petrochemical, cement and paper industries.

We offer our customers technological solutions that increase their process efficiency while ensuring sustainable development.

Bilfinger Industrial Services Polska combines many years of experience in providing services to industry with the innovative know-how of the Bilfinger Group.



Maintenance is our core business. The many years of experience and knowledge of our experts, supported by our proprietary BMS solution (Bilfinger Maintenance System), ensure that we achieve the goals we have set together with our customers. 




We minimise turnaround times and optimise their costs while maintaining the highest quality of service, supported by our proprietary BTS (Bilfinger Turnaround Solution) system.

Technical audits



The technical audit will diagnose the technical condition of equipment and infrastructure, maintenance management systems, company assets, in order to select the optimal tools to achieve jointly set objectives.

Our products

Our products

Outsourcing maintenance

As the market leader in many European countries, we provide our customers with the full range of maintenance: from planning, coordination and execution of all works using proprietary solutions and IT systems to support maintenance management.
As a service partner for our customers, we have combined our knowledge and experience in the Bilfinger Maintenance Solution (BMS).
Added value for our customers:
- Full range of maintenance
- Optimisation of productivity, equipment and process line life 

  •  Reduction in unplanned production downtime
  • Flexibility in the operation of maintenance services

Bilfinger Maintenance Solution (BMS)
Bilfinger is the preferred maintenance partner for many companies. In order to ensure that all customers benefit equally from our services, we have collected and carefully systematised comprehensive knowledge gained over several decades. 
The result is a solution that is unique in the industry: the Bilfinger Maintenance Solution (BMS). 
This comprehensive tool consists of nine modules based on experience and knowledge from more than 400 projects and 100 current partnership agreements. The solution is precisely tailored to individual customer requirements and has two objectives:

  • Increasing reliability
  • Optimisation of maintenance costs.

Within five years, the potential for cost reductions reaches 20-30%, plant capacity can be increased by up to 10% depending on project conditions.

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Mechanical industry

Bilfinger Industrial Services Poland has many years of experience in providing services to industry and energy in the mechanical sector.

Thanks to our qualified staff and workshop facilities, we provide our customers with tailor-made solutions, guaranteeing a high level of quality, timeliness while complying with all regulations and safety standards.

Our activities in the mechanical sector include:

    Inspections, repairs, overhauls of:

    • boilers
    • turbine sets;
    • tanks, fittings and pipelines;

    Workshop work:

    • manufacture, repair and regeneration of machine components;
    • production of spare parts and components by means of: cold forming, machining, heat treatment;
    • - locksmith-welding work;
    • remanufacture and repair of components by surfacing.


    Assembly works:

    • general contracting of boiler houses, electrostatic precipitators, district heating substations;
    • technological installations;
    • steel structures;

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    Electrical and Control Engineering

    We have many years of experience in providing services to industry and the power industry in the electrical and instrumentation sectors.

    Electrical installations:

    • Transformers, generators and exciters
    • Cable and overhead lines,
    • Low and medium voltage switchgear
    • Electrical measurement and protection

    Control and instrumentation:

    • Analogue and digital measurement, control and regulation systems
    • Interlocking and technological protection systems
    • Special measurements (chemical, billing and security measurements)
    • Servicing of equipment and process lines

    We also offer the implementation of electrical and Control and Measurement Instruments and Automation systems for forging:

    • Technical consultancy
    • Executive design
    • Assembly
    • Software and commissioning
    • Warranty and post-warranty service

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    Thermal diagnostics based on the thermal imaging metho: thermal imaging measurements in the energy, electricity, industry and construction

    Our Material Testing Laboratory is recognised by the Office of Technical Inspection of the 2nd degree according to PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 no. LB -149/27, and the personnel are authorised according to PN-EN 473 by UDT Cert and TŰV Cert. We employ specialists who are certified as European Welding Engineers (EWE).

    Diagnostics of energy equipment:

    • steam and water boilers;
    • turbine sets
    • pipelines and fittings
    • tanks and heat exchangers;
    • pumps, compressors, fans, gears;
    • industrial installations and steel structures;
    • electric motors.

    Materials diagnostics:

    • radiographic testing of welded joints and materials;
    • ultrasonic testing of welded joints and materials;
    • wall thickness measurements of one-sided components with an ultrasonic thickness gauge;
    • magnetic powder testing
    • penetration testing;
    • visual testing, including endoscopic testing;
    • metrological measurements
    • hardness measurements with a portable hardness tester;
    • technical condition assessment of machinery and equipment;
    • post-failure inspections of equipment.


    • vibration measurements including assessment of the dynamic condition of machinery;
    • diagnosing irregularities in the operation of rotating equipment;
    • issuing operational and repair recommendations;
    • designing and implementing vibration monitoring systems on machinery,
    • continuous service in the field of measurements and assessment of the technical condition of rotating machinery, including maintenance of databases of equipment
    • comprehensive case studies

    In the field of vibrodiagnostics, our employees have been trained at the training centres of the world's leading companies BENTLY NEVADA Co. Minden, USA and SKF Condition Monitoring in the Netherlands.

    District Heating

    We provide our customers with a full range of services in the district heating sector:

    • maintenance of heat substations and the district heating network.
    • coordination and execution of emergency and maintenance work,
    • planning optimisation using information systems.

    We also offer our Bilfinger Maintenance Solution (BMS), which we have adapted to the needs of district heating companies, enabling financial optimisation of asset utilisation.

    Realisation of investment and modernisation projects

    Bilfinger Industrial Services Polska Sp. z o.o. carries out investment and modernization projects on existing equipment through commissioning, assembly and dismantling, as well as carrying out investment work.

    Investment and modernization projects are carried out mainly at the customers for whom maintenance is provided by Bilfinger Industrial Services Polska Sp. z o.o. due to its excellent knowledge of the equipment and process lines. We are particularly interested in investment and modernization projects, the implementation of which will be connected with taking over the operation of the facility by signing appropriate maintenance or operation contracts.

    Industries we operate in:

    Industries we operate in:

    • Power generation
    • Heating
    • Cement and lime industry
    • Refining and petrochemicals
    • Chemical
    • Metallurgical
    • Paper
    Work at Bilfinger Industrial Services Polska

    We make it work.

    Thanks to the passion and knowledge of our employees and innovative technologies, we provide our customers with solutions that increase their process efficiency and minimise their environmental impact.
    BILFINGER's exceptional people create customised solutions while developing professional and personal competences in respect of mutual diversity

    Open vacancies

    You make the difference.

    We value the diversity of experience and individuality of our employees. They are what make us creative, open-minded and committed, and able to adapt to a changing environment. In your daily work at Bilfinger, you will see how your actions directly affect our business.

    Start your professional adventure with us no matter what stage you are at today. If you are open to new challenges and want to be responsible for important projects in the industry - we are waiting for you! Become part of our team and see what we can achieve together!

    Check us out and what is important to you: career opportunities, employment conditions and working environment, organisational culture defined by employee relations and management style, and sustainability.

    Your benefits:

    Working conditions
    • Employment flexibility 
    • Incentive-based remuneration system
    • Friendly working environment
    • Medical care for employees and family members
    • Personal accident insurance for employees and family members
    • Sports cards for employees
    • Sports and cultural programmes for employees
    • Employee 'well-being' initiatives
    Interesting challenges and responsibilities
    • Interesting projects and professional challenges
    • Work in major industrial companies
    • Work in a competent team
    • Participation in interdisciplinary business projects within the Bilfinger Group
    What makes us different …
    • Respect for diversity 
    • Open and direct communication
    • Transparent and systematic management methods
    • High occupational safety standards - HSEQ
    • Daily friendliness and good atmosphere
    • Supportive relationships within the team
    • Trust and honesty
    • Celebration of important company events
    Development of professional and personal competences
    • Development programmes within the Bilfinger Group 
    • Internship and exchange programmes within the Bilfinger companies (job rotation)
    • Individual induction programmes (onboarding & more...) for your position
    • Tailored individual training (including: project management and maintenance)
    • Professional courses including SEP, UDT, TDT, TUV
    • Soft skills development including through mentoring
    • Annual assessment of goal achievement 
    • Individual development plan
    Artur Uciński
    Director of the West Industrial Services Department
    Grzegorz Szymański
    Director of the South Industrial Services Department
    Zbigniew Lewandowski
    Business Development Manager / Procurement Manager
    Our locations

    Locations of our branches

    The leader in services for the industrial sector in Poland. Ten branches throughout the country allow us to create an effective nationwide service network.

    Bilfinger Industrial Services Poland Sp. z o.o.

    Bilfinger Industrial Services Poland Sp. z o.o.

    ul. Pożarowa 6
    03-309 Warszawa
    Tel.: +48 22 34 09 100

    Discover more about  BIS Polska

    Industrial Services Center
    • Warszawa Siekierki Branch
    • Warszawa Żerań Branch
    • Białystok Branch
      Andersa Street15
      15-124 Białystok
    • Gdańsk Branch
      Elbląska Street135
      80-718 Gdańsk
    Industrial Services South
    • Rudniki Branch
      Mstowska Street10
      42-240 Rudniki
    • Ożarów Branch
      Karsy Street 77
      27-530 Ożarów
    Industrial Services West
    • Kostrzyn nad Odrą Branch
      Fabryczna Street 1
      66-470 Kostrzyn nad Odrą

    • Gorzów Wielkopolski (Kostrzyn Branch)
      Energetyków Street 6
      66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski

    • Wrocław Branch
      Łowiecka Street 6/8
      50-220 Wrocław

    • District heating System Wrocław
      Słonimskiego Street 1A
      50-304 Wrocław

    • District heating System Częstochowa
      Rejtana Street 37/39
      42-202 Częstochowa

    • District heating System Płock
      Gradowskiego Street 3A
      09-402 Płock



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