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Hydropower march!

Bilfinger experts have supported hydropower plant construction projects for decades. Everything you need is available from a single source. This includes calculations and the design and manufacture of complex components such as branch pieces, distribution pipelines, intake screens and closure elements. Prefabricated units are transported quickly and safely from our site in Wels, Austria, to your construction site and assembled by qualified personnel experienced in difficult working conditions. Flexible, reliable and close to the customer, we put our extensive expertise and experience to work in the construction, maintenance and modernization of hydropower plants.






Experience with hydropower projects
100Orders p.a.
in the hydropower sector with a focus on the European market
Our hydropower Sub-Markets

Penstocks exposed and grounded, cleated armor, distribution piping, branch pieces, expansion glands, manholes, sliding bearings, pipe bridges, expansion pieces, surge tank armor

Hydraulic steelwork

Filling and discharging gates, inspection gates, dam beams and rakes, dam gates, bottom outlet gates, segment gates, port closure gates, inlet gates, sluice inlet gates, caulking gates

Turbine assembly, valve assembly

Hydraulic power units, regulators, distribution stations, cooling circuits, piping work, boring and flame spraying of impeller shells with turbine installed, ball valves, inlet and outlet butterfly valves, energy dissipaters of all types, surveying work, service and repair work on turbines and valves of all types

HP Engineering

Statics, construction, installation planning, renovation concepts, operation and maintenance books

Added value:

  • Setting the highest quality standards in line with your requirements
  • Unique full-service: engineering, manufacturing and installation of pressure pipelines and hydraulic steel structures from a single source
  • Highly qualified specialists from various fields support you in every phase throughout the entire life cycle of your plants
  • International network of experts, delivering projects consistently on schedule and with a strong customer focus
  • Customized solutions with the manufacture of piping systems, components and containers in our own state-of-the-art facilities

Bilfinger ensures a high level of flexibility and reliability in all hydropower-related services. The level of dedication is demonstrated, among other things, by the significant number of long-standing customer relationships we have."

Stephan EbnerHead of the Hydropower Business Unit at Bilfinger Industrial Services GmbH

Where our services make a difference in hydropower projects

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Stephan Ebner
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