Clean across the seas

Environmental protection and profitability: a pilot project on the Aurelia tanker is showing how the two can go hand in hand. Bilfinger equipped the ship with a new flue gas desulfurization system. In this way, the ocean tanker meets the latest environmental standards.

Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies segment

Engineering & Technologies

From consulting through to engineering, manufacturing and assembly: Bilfinger delivers all the services necessary for the design, development and erection of industrial facilities.

Bilfinger Maintenance, Modifications & Operations segment

Maintenance, Modifications & Operations

As a leading provider for maintenance, modification and operations, Bilfinger provides its customers with all services throughout the life cycle of an industrial facility.

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Bilfinger and Samson launching ubix joint venture

28.06.2017 ǀ 

<bilfinger se="" samson="" ag,="" provider="" measurement="" control="" technology,="" are="" establishing="" joint="" venture="" to="" step="" up="" ubix,="" one="" of="" latest="" iot="" automation="" platforms.="" the="" ubix="" internet-of-things="" platform="" is="" setting="" new="" standards="" in="" networking="" and="" automating="" industrial="" equipment.<="" a="" p=""></bilfinger>

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Evangelia Gkeredaki

Evangelia Gkeredaki

Up to now, process engineer Evangelia Gkeredaki at Tebodin shuddered at the thought of plastic bottles, but she takes a big gulp of water from the Dopper bottle with a totally clear conscience. Why? The bottle is pollutant-free and fully recyclable.

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