Bilfinger ensures that a refinery operates reliably, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We enable power plants to reach the highest possible levels of efficiency. We take care of facility management for entire companies, while also constructing high-quality buildings. And: we operate these buildings over their entire lifecycles.

Like no other company, Bilfinger brings together two complementary characteristics: engineering competence and service mentality. For industrial companies, the energy sector and users of real estate, we are setting standards with our performance in countries throughout the world. High quality, technological competence and extensive experience are the foundations of our success. Everywhere we work, we ensure that our clients can concentrate on what they do best: their core business.

Through their commitment, the people at the engineering and services group help make daily life work: they design and finance, maintain and repair, build and operate.

Key Figures

Figures according to Annual Report 2014.


€ million

Output volume7,690
Orders recieved6,600
Order backlog5,461
Net profit-71
Capital expenditure279
Property, plant and equipment139
Financial assets140
Employees (at year-end)69,132

Further information can be found in our Annual Report 2014.

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