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Remote Engineering Tool



Vereinigtes Königreich

Bilfinger UK's Digital Department were tasked to create a solution that would capture as much detail as possible of a client's site to significantly reduce site visits and allow traditional on-site meetings, design decisions, site familiarisation and planning discussions to be held remotely.

The client had limited site access on their engineering projects resulting in the need to capture site information during survey/FEED being crucial.

Digitalisierung und Innovation

Using the Bilfinger Industrial 360º platform, we were able to scan the client’s site in less than a day capturing high detail imagery. We were also able to add measurement data to the site imagery utilising a ‘street view’ type of environment for future works reference.

The Bilfinger Industrial 360º virtual walkthrough offering can be used for many purposes including:

  • Embedding of asset documentation and information
  • Visualisation of equipment for training purposes
  • Maintenance objectives and turnarounds
  • Engineering design

It provides fast, user-friendly and very cost-effective insight into our customer’s plants.

Added value:

  • Significant reduction in on-site time
  • Models Aaailable for future use
  • Reduction in project variation
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