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05.07.2022 | Exzellenz im Arbeitsschutz: Tools und Methoden für höchste Sicherheit
24.05.2022 | Bart De Wever, Mayor of Antwerp: 'Energy transition offers opportunities for a better life'

The energy transition offers opportunities for a better climate and more prosperity. That is the message Mayor Bart De Wever wants to spread. An…

24.05.2022 | Bilfinger: digitally innovative

Years ago, Bilfinger foresaw the need for more and more digitization and innovation. Not only because of competitive advantages, but also because due…

24.05.2022 | More people are needed in Rotterdam industry

A glaring shortage of workers in industry is a major problem. Not only is it becoming increasingly difficult for companies to get the right people in…

24.05.2022 | Working on your cyber resilience

With the war in Ukraine and Russian hostility, cyber resilience is more important than ever before. Digital attacks on targets in the ports of…

24.05.2022 | Flanders to the world's top
24.05.2022 | CEO TenneT Manon van Beek: 'Industry can save up to 30 percent on energy bills by properly matching energy needs'

The electricity grid in the Netherlands is under "high voltage"; it is being overloaded. At the same time, the need for electricity from industry in…

24.05.2022 | Faster electrification of industry

Electrification can make an important contribution to a climate-neutral industry. Some technologies, such as the heat pump and steam boiler, are…

24.05.2022 | Ingrid Thijssen, president VNO-NCW: 'We must become more innovative, sustainable, inclusive'

For a year and a half now, Ingrid Thijssen has been president of VNO-NCW. 'A rollercoaster,' is how she herself characterizes this period. How is the…

29.03.2022 | Klimaneutrale Energieversorgung: Technologien für die Energie von morgen

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