Articles 2021

Energy Efficiency: Small steps with a huge impact

There are a lot of ways for industrial companies to become more climate-friendly and climate-neutral over the long term. The cheapest, simplest and most obvious approach is to increase your energy efficiency.

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Renewable Energy: With the power of water

Hydropower is by far the largest source of renewable energy in the world. Stephan Ebner, Head of the Hydropower Business Unit at Bilfinger Industrial Services Austria, explains what potential hydropower still has for the future – and what challenges exist in the construction and modernization of hydropower plants.

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CCU/CCS: A key component for the energy transition?

To achieve the goal of climate-neutral industry, there are many who are pinning their hopes on carbon capture, utilization and storage. Using this approach, heavy industry in particular can significantly reduce its relatively high emissions.

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Power-to-X: The missing link

A climate-neutral supply of energy can only be achieved when it is possible to store and transport electricity from renewable sources. Power-to-X processes – and hydrogen technology in particular – could prove to be the missing link.

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