Issues 2021

Issue 04.2021

  • Process Industry 4.0: There is still so much untapped growth potential
  • Interview with Prof. Dr. Julia C. Arlinghaus
  • Digital twin: Using integrated data to achieve inteligent control
  • Virtual industrial services: Control from a distance
  • Process Automation: Using smart Apps to make processes leaner


Issue 03.2021

  • Energy Transition Project of the Century
  • Energy Efficiency: Small steps with a huge impact
  • Renewable Energy: With the power of water
  • Power-to-X: The missing link
  • CCU/CCS: A key component for the energy transition


Issue 02.2021

  • Turnarounds: Every minute counts
  • Maintenance Self-Check: Fast and easy
  • Inspections: From individual solutions to an integrated concept
  • Specialist bottleneck: A pool of talent for any situation


Issue 01.2021

  • Sucessfully executing the complex conversion of production plants
  • Successful with intelligent plants
  • Digitalization in the process industry
  • End-to-end service package for the Life Science sector