Diversity as a Success Factor

“We make it work. You make the difference.” Our employer motto is a promise to all of our current and future employees. It means that everyone is welcome at Bilfinger, and everyone can do their part to contribute to the whole – regardless of personal characteristics like their age, gender, worldview and experience, education, origin, religion, marital status, or skin color. Tolerance, respect and equal opportunity are key principles at our company.

As an international company offering diverse services, a wide range of products and an international workforce, diversity is the foundation for our success. The variety of experiences and personalities and integrating individual viewpoints into our company helps us remain innovative over the long term. The diversity of our employees is what helps us successfully master constantly changing challenges and continuously expand our market position.

For me, diversity means different professional disciplines and cultures exchanging ideas to find the best solutions.

Daniel Casares, Cloud-Optimization (FinOps) and Licensing Specialist

Equal Opportunity for All

Equal opportunity is an essential part of how Bilfinger does business. It is our policy not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, marital status, genetic information, disability or because he or she is a protected veteran. The only thing we consider when hiring for our jobs and for employees’ personal careers are the right qualifications.

All of our processes – hiring, compensation, development and promotion, and everyday work – are focused on securing equal opportunities for all at Bilfinger. To ensure the success of our company, we need diverse ideas, different personalities and a wide range of areas of expertise. Because of this, guaranteeing equal opportunity and diversity are of central importance for us.

We Promote Equality

We want to continue promoting gender equality worldwide. One example of this is our goal to increase the percentage of women in management positions worldwide to at least 15 percent. We launched the “Women at Bilfinger” project to do just that. It includes important initiatives for even more equality and equal career opportunities for women at our company. These include, for instance:

  • Personal development specifically for women, for instance through seminars and mentoring programs,
  • Measures to better combine professional and family life, such as through more flexible working conditions, and
  • Our internal company women’s network Women@Bilfinger.

In addition, Bilfinger is cooperating with other companies to promote women's interests, such as X-Company-Mentoring. In this program, experienced women in leadership positions across different companies transmit their knowledge and experience to other female managers.

At Bilfinger, an inclusive culture that acknowledges, values, encourages and supports the uniqueness of every employee, irrespective of background or orientation, has been built. This, in turn, drives innovation which results to higher and better performance.

Iyanuoluwa Sadiq, Trainee Finance

Personal Insights On Diversity and Equal Opportunity

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This document may use male pronouns for ease of reading. However, it should be understood as applying equally to all genders.

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