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Flare Replacement



Vereinigtes Königreich

Bilfinger UK's Mechanical Department were tasked to replace a flare at a refinery that had come to the end of its working life. The client approached our resident Lifting & Rigging Team on-site to ask for our input on what would be the safest way to dismantle this flare.  

After reviewing the structural report, it was clear that the structural steel work supporting the flare was compromised. The general consensus was that other methods would be more suited than lifting due to the structural integrity of the steelwork, and it was decided to fell the flare and associated structural steelwork.

The team also identified an asbestos lagged pipe, which before felling could take place, had to be sprayed with containment to stop contamination, which we also completed.


Our team worked with the client providing a significant amount of consultancy over the design, transportation and installation, of the new flare in the initial planning phase of the project. 

The flare was delivered in 5 separate pieces (4 flare sections + tip).  Once this arrived at site it was offloaded adjacent to the worksite. After offloading final adjustments were needed to ensure it was level prior to the next phase of the project. The 4 flare sections were then welded together in the laydown area by our team to make 2 total pieces. 

The team utilised 2 mobile cranes to lift the flare into position for installation. The flare tip was then lifted into position and installed by the team.

Added value:

  • Responsible for all aspects of the project 
  • Zero safety incidents
  • Delivered the project on time and on budget
  • Full solution developed and delivered
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