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Perfection is an absolute necessity in the life science industry. Hygiene and safety requirements are extremely strict and regulations are rigorous, helping to ensure the product quality of the biopharmaceuticals manufactured, for example.

Advancing digitalization of the biotech and pharmaceutical industries means that production has to interact with the latest information and communication technology. The benefits of digitalization are manifold and include increased efficiency, higher plant performance and better product quality.

Bilfinger has been an experienced partner to the life science industry for decades, delivering comprehensive expertise in the production process of pharmaceutical and biotechnological products. Bilfinger provides support throughout the entire lifecycle of a plant.


Products and services for biotechnology and pharma

As a reliable partner, Bilfinger offers services throughout the entire value chain. Together with clients from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors, Bilfinger executes complex projects from start to successful completion and ensures that even extensive plants are built on schedule and with optimized quality and costs.

Bilfinger designs, manufactures, assembles and automates process units and complete plants and assumes responsibility for engineering, project management, qualification and process technology.

Bilfinger also offers pipeline construction, apparatus engineering, E/I&C systems (for measurement and control technology), automation and maintenance services.


An overview of Bilfinger’s product and service range for biotech/pharma


  • Bioreactor systems and fermentation plants
  • CIP/SIP systems
  • Application systems
  • Pure media systems
  • Purification systems
  • Modules and (super) skids
  • Plant equipment
  • Media supply and disposal
  • Waste water treatment
  • Process control (QUBICON Quality by Control, automation solutions)


  • Engineering
  • Piping construction
  • Automation
  • Construction/assembly
  • Commissioning
  • Service/maintenance

Value added for the customer

Bilfinger offers customers all services needed within the lifecycle of plants -- and all from a single source. This increases efficiency while reducing costs and the commitment of valuable working time. Plants are prefabricated in Salzburg (Austria) and can be tested and prequalified there under near-operational conditions. Because prefabrication of the plants is carried out during assembly, the installation and commissioning phases at the customer's site are very short.



Qubicon® - the software solution for expanded process monitoring and process control

The all-in-one software tool for the pharma and biotechnology industires combines:

  • Data management, processing and visualization
  • Process monitoring and comparison
  • Flexible control strategies
  • Predictive process modeling

Qubicon brings together all process data in a central system, compares live data with reference runs and enables real-time monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs). By implementing model-based control strategies, the software helps to maintain control over production processes and to guarantee product quality already during manufacturing ("Quality by Control").


Biotechnology and pharma references

In recent decades, Bilfinger has successfully completed countless projects for well-known pharmaceutical and biotech customers. Bilfinger serves customers not only in Europe, but worldwide. Biotechnology plants are delivered as far away as China. Here are a few examples:


Pharmaceutical company
Object: Fermentation plant

Services provided

  • 2 × 10 m³, 2 × 3 m³ bioreactor trains, media prep and hold, ultrafiltration, separation TCUs, platforms, piping
  • Process design and engineering (conceptual, basic and detail engineering), risk assessment
  • Supply of all components
  • Fabrication and assembly
  • E&I engineering of the process plant
  • Automation and software programming
  • FAT, commissioning, SAT, qualification

Biopharmaceutical company
Object: Extension of a pharmaceutical USP plant for the production

Services provided

Basic design, detail engineering, 3D planning, automation (Siemens PCS7) and fabrication of

  • seed skid (20 L, 100 L and 500 L), media hold (2 x 1,500 L)
  • depth filtration (KEF),
  • main fermenter (2 x 3,000 L), harvest tank 3,000 L und CIP unit

Commissioning (FAT), insertion, installation, SAT, IQ/OQ; thermal mapping

Biotechnology company 
Object: Next-generation biologic manufacturing facility with new areas (Bulk Manufacturing Cells (BMC1 and BMC2), warehouse and Central Utilities Building (CUB), administration and amenities building)

Services provided

  • Hygienic piping: engineering, prefabrication, installation, testing, insulation, cleaning and passivation in BMC1 and mechanical works incl. GMP documentation
  • Installation and testing of hygienic skids for BMC1 and BMC2
  • Insulation of hygienic skids with T-Fit
  • Black utility piping: prefabrication, installation, testing and insulation in BMC2


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