Treatment of
radioactive waste


The strictest technology and safety requirements apply to nuclear waste disposal and waste treatment facilities. With our decades of experience in the nuclear industry and our wide range of references, we are a leading supplier in the development and manufacture of plants and equipment for the treatment of radioactive waste.

Waste treatment facilities

Waste treatment facilities

Plant for the decontamination of metallic waste



We develop, plan, supply and install plants and equipment for the pre-treatment, sorting and conditioning of radioactive waste as well as for cleaning and decontamination. We focus on solving the specific problems our customers face and develop customized offers for them. With the technologies we utilize, it is possible not only to condition nuclear waste safely and efficiently, but also to significantly reduce the volume of waste – thus saving space and costs for transport and storage.

Radioactive waste dismantling plant

Drum storage crane for transport, storage and stacking of waste drums

Why Bilfinger

Super compactor for the compression of radioactive waste

What sets us apart

  • Decades of experience in the treatment and disposal of nuclear residual and waste materials
  • A large number of references in the construction of nuclear waste treatment plants throughout the world
  • Extensive technological expertise in all process steps involved in the preparation, sorting and conditioning of nuclear waste
  • Broad spectrum of products and services for all aspects related to the processing of radioactive substances
  • Development and manufacture of special machines
  • Longstanding reputation as a nuclear technology specialist

Our services at a glance

Radioactive waste sorting, compressing and cementing facility

Transport routes through the waste treatment plant

Services in the pre-treatment and sorting of radioactive waste



  • Development and delivery of inspection and sampling equipment for the assessment of the radioactive inventory of nuclear facilities
  • Sorting of radioactive waste manually with glove boxes or using parallel manipulators
  • Use of swivel units for contamination-free feeding of the waste into the sorting plant
  • Crushing waste using a shredder to increase the volume packed in the drums
  • Delivery of oval pipe cutters, internal pipe cutters and internal pipe cut-off grinders for pipes with a wide range of dimensions and wall thicknesses
  • Dismantling of activated and contaminated steel structures and subsequent cutting with the aid of band, circular and wire saws, including the necessary holding and clamping devices and adaptation to the necessary handling equipment

Services for the conditioning of radioactive waste 



Cement grouting
  • Supply of cement grouting units for the conditioning of filter resins, sludges and wastes from sorting, such as crushed cans and steel scraps
  • Installation of silos for the cement mixture components 
  • Provision of worm conveyors, mixers, filling devices as well as downstream equipment for capping and radiological measurement
High-pressure compactors
  • Supply of on-demand high-pressure compactors for volume reduction of activated and contaminated waste such as core fittings, structural elements of fuel rods as well as low to mid-level radioactive waste
Double-lid airlocks
  • Supply of airlock systems for the transfer in and out of radioactive materials and contaminated items for a wide range of waste container sizes 
  • Provision of accessories including waste containers, lids, clamping systems and handling equipment
Capping and uncapping systems
  • Development and supply of specialized systems for uncapping and capping drums and other containers that hold contaminated and radioactive waste 
  • Design and delivery of lid magazines and other peripheral equipment including conveyor belts and container transport equipment 

Development, design and manufacture of remote-controlled manipulators or manipulator carrier systems for a wide range of waste conditioning plants

Protective housing
  • Construction of caissons for post-dismantling and decontamination works in the course of partitioning and separating air flows
  • Design of the necessary interior equipment including windows, manipulators, lifting equipment and decontamination equipment

We understand modular residue and waste treatment plants as an integral part of the dismantling and disposal concept in nuclear technology, and for this we offer needs-based solutions for the efficient operation of waste treatment and significant volume reduction of radioactive waste."

Holger StarkeHead of Nuclear Waste Management at Bilfinger Noell

With our decades of experience and a wide range of customer-specific references, we are one of the leading suppliers in the development and manufacture of complete plants, systems and machines for the treatment of radioactive waste in the nuclear industry."

Wolfgang MützelHead of Systems/Plant Division, Nuclear Engineering at Bilfinger Noell

We offer comprehensive waste treatment solutions from a single source. Through decades of experience, we develop customized solution concepts and ensure the safe and efficient conditioning of nuclear waste."

Karsten OsterlandHead of Nuclear Project Management at Bilfinger Noell

Our comprehensive expertise and competence when it comes to the construction of nuclear power plants and waste treatment facilities enable us to develop individual solutions tailored to specific requirements. We always work closely and professionally with our customers on an equal footing."

Stefan AckermannHead of the Nuclear Technology Plants and Components Division at Bilfinger Noell

Services for conditioning and decontamination



Water treatment
  • Treatment of process water produced during underwater cutting
  • Supply of mobile water treatment systems
Decontamination units
  • Use of mechanical or chemical processes for the decontamination of components
  • Wet chemical decontamination using the PHADEC® process (PHosphoric Acid DEContamination), which produces low levels of primary waste

View of the cutting cell at ICEDA (France)

Highest-level of technology competence

We are constantly putting our comprehensive engineering expertise to the test: many of the innovative processes and methods we have developed have become firmly established in the nuclear sector and now serve as standards for waste treatment and conditioning. We reduce waste volumes using highly effective sorting, cleaning and compression processes and make the treatment, transport, storage and final disposal of radioactive waste even safer.

The cooperation with Bilfinger has been excellent due to their great expertise in handling radioactive waste. The single-source solution has helped us meet the highest safety requirements with our conditioning plant."

Florian CharnauxDirector ICEDA, EDF – DP2D

Bilfinger has extensive technological and engineering expertise in radioactive waste treatment and focuses on quality and safety. We were able to see this for ourselves during the System Design of our encapsulation plant in Oskarshamn (Sweden)."

Jens Haga, Program Manager at SKB; Mats Hägglund, Assistant Program Manager at SKB; Jürgen Klein, Project Manager IPMA

Entsorgungswerk für Nuklearanlagen GmbH, Germany 

Conditioning plant for Konrad containers


Services: The contract awarded to Bilfinger includes the construction of the complete grouting plant, including the necessary safety equipment, to ensure that the KC is backfilled in accordance with quality standards. Solid radioactive waste is enclosed in final storage containers - so-called Konrad containers - in a cement matrix and thus conditioned for transfer to the Konrad repository.


SKB, Sweden

Encapsulation facility for the storage of spent fuel element


Services: Bilfinger has planned the design of all processes and the associated mechanical engineering equipment as well as the building areas for packaging (encapsulation) of spent fuel elements suitable for final storage. In addition, Bilfinger has coordinated the trades with the building design and provided input for the safety report and safety analysis (defense-in-depth analysis).


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EDF Energy (Électricité de France SA), France

Conditioning plant for radioactive waste


Services: Bilfinger was responsible for the planning, design, calculation, manufacture, assembly and commissioning of the hot cells and the components required for this. The machine technology relevant to the process as well as the remote-handling components for concreting the containers were significant for the order.



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