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We are your multidisciplinary partner for the execution of large and complex projects. Our services cover the entire lifecycle of the project from the engineering concept phase through to construction and commissioning. Based on our comprehensive project experience, we have gathered methods, tools and processes that add value and improve the efficiency of our customers’ projects. To bundle all of these components into a single package, we developed an integrated and comprehensive product: the Bilfinger Project Concept (BPC).

Bilfinger at work on a refinery.

Benefits of the Bilfinger Project Concept (BPC)

With our Bilfinger Project Concept, we make the performance of your projects more efficient. The concept brings together our experience from a broad range of projects in which we have provided customers with engineering, construction and even full EPC services. Bilfinger Project Concept consists of 16 standardized modules. The different modules contain methods, tools and processes for the various phases of a project. The benefits of Bilfinger Project Concept include:

  • Efficient project execution in terms of time and costs
  • Highest level of safety and quality
  • Standardized processes and methods
  • Bundled know-how in project management capabilities

Reducing the number of interfaces and the leaner customer organization make efficient and cost-effective project management possible.

With the Bilfinger Project Concept, we ensure standardized processing in projects and deliver the agreed result for our clients.

Gerald Pilotto, Global Development Vice President at Bilfinger

How project execution at Bilfinger works

The combination of three fundamental roles in project development and execution contribute to the successful delivery of a project by Bilfinger:

  • The Project Team manages the project with the required knowledge and experience.
  • The Disciplines contribute to the project with Bilfinger specific competences in the individual specialties.
  • The Bilfinger Project Concept gathers and provides methods and tools to execute the projects.

With Bilfinger Project Concept BPC, Bilfinger has the right methods, tools and processes in place to deliver projects with a high degree of quality and safety while increasing time and cost efficiency. The concept ensures a leaner customer organization due to the bundling of multiple disciplines, project management capabilities and activities.

BPC - 16 standardized modules

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