Data-based decisions Bilfinger Connected Asset Performance (BCAP®)

The integration of various data sources from IT (Information Technology), OT (Operational Technology) and engineering into one platform enables a new way of contextualizing data and information. A deep understanding of the process industry combined with software expertise and data science allows us to discover interdependencies in the data and make them assessable for various applications and stakeholders. Bilfinger Connected Asset Performance (BCAP) is a cloud-based platform that turns data into value by enabling data migration, process optimization, and predictive analytics.

BCAP is the basis to combine massive data pools in one place. This increases data integrity and quality, improves efficiency in handling data, and allows everyone to access the information. With individual applications and standard solutions in BCAP, we help our customers identify optimisation potential and increase overall equipment efficiency (OEE). This is achieved by reducing quality deviations, improving plant availability and optimising energy costs.

BCAP platform has been specially developed to ease the digital transformation of the process industry. On the one hand, BCAP offers a friendly and simple interface. On the other hand, it empowers our customers to benefit from advanced data analytics, scalability and latest IT security standards. "

Max StangSenior Project Manager Digitalization & Innovation at Bilfinger

Why Bilfinger Connected
Asset Performance

  • BCAP combines our know-how in maintenance and production in the process industry with comprehensive data science knowledge.
  • Once the data is integrated into one platform, various digital solutions can be applied and scaled.
  • The BCAP user interface is designed to easily give access to information - from higher management to blue collar employees.
  • The role-based setup provides quick insights relevant to each user.
  • Data-based decision making reduces costs, improves quality, and boosts the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).




Data-based value

How BCAP solutions
deliver data-based value:


  • Predictive Quality reveals new insights and improvement opportunities for quality parameters by linking relevant data and applying a virtual sensor or recommender model in the analysis.
  • Asset Monitoring analyses and visualizes all sensor data in one dashboard.
  • Smart Alerting prevents maintenance and production from alert floods and lets users benefit from artificial intelligence even if they do not have any knowledge of data science.
  • The Cognitive Sensor detects voice-related machine modes to reduce maintenance efforts and downtime.
  • Plant Intelligence provides a single version of truth and analysis on a plant’s operational performance, availability, and quality.
  • BCAP is a scalable platform hosted in Microsoft Azure Data Centers, which are audited for compliance with ISO27001 and ISO27018 standards on an annual basis.

The Recommender Model fully met our expectations: It was possible to achieve the optimization solely on the basis of sensor data and without any intervention in the existing plant. The increase in production capacity with identical product quality is a clear benefit for Münzing Chemie GmbH."

Sven ScholzPlant Manager at Münzing Chemie GmbH

BCAP is our access to operational excellence. Our data was easily and securely integrated in the platform with excellent support by the BCAP team. The applications are one of many steps towards digitalization."

Christine TahedlProcess Engineer at Almatis GmbH

The Bilfinger Digital Next team understood us quickly. As a result, the project work ran harmoniously and very professionally. The digital solution presented convinced us with its results and provided valuable additional insights into our processes. "

Carlos RipollPlant & Process Lead at Lhoist Germany

We kick-off your


We help you to define your path of digitalization in maintenance, operations, and production. We guide your process experts and IT team through a structured workshop approach to identify the business value and most promising steps on your digital roadmap. Learn more about the Value Workshop.

Reference projects

Where digital solutions
added value to the business

Plant Intelligence drives production

Customer: Almatis GmbH
Location: Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany

Scope: BCAP module Plant Intelligence with two Operator Dashboards and three Production Engineering Dashboards

Services: Bilfinger analysed the status quo as well as production, maintenance and quality data. In addition, a workshop was held and an OEE dashboard was developed for the customer.

Value added:

  • Increased throughput due to higher product quality rate
  • Waste reduction
  • Increased transparency for the operations and site managers
  • BCAP helps to visualize data

Measurable Overall Equipment Efficiency Improvement

Customer: Münzing Chemie GmbH
Location: Heilbronn, Germany

Scope: BCAP to increase production capacities while ensuring product quality at the same time.

Services: A virtual sensor calculates the quality of the production process without installing additional sensors. The Recommender Model calculates the ideal reduced mixing time without a decrease in product quality.

Value added:

  • Increase in output with consistent product quality
  • Reliable live predictions on product quality
  • Dashboard shows all process-relevant information
  • Overall data-based production improvement
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