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24/7- Pumps, turbines and compressors have to run smoothly - around the clock, day in, day out. They form the core of many production plants. They convey liquid or gaseous raw materials as well as end products in the process industry and keep them moving. Demands on the productivity and availability of rotating equipment is therefore extremely high. Service and operational expertise as well as many years of experience are needed to avoid the costs associated with downtime.

Improved uptime, time efficiency, cost reduction

Pumps, piston compressors and turbo machines are at the very core of many process technology production plants. They convey liquid or gaseous raw materials as well as end products in the process industry and keep them in motion. Because they generally operate around the clock, they have a major impact on the usability and economic efficiency of plants in the process industry.

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Keeping an eye on the entire asset lifecycle

From manufacturer-independent consulting through to repairs, ongoing optimization and maintenance, Bilfinger delivers an extensive range of services over the entire lifecycle of the rotating equipment. We look after ongoing operations and guarantee process security and the highest level of availability. The service package is supplemented through a large rental pool with 20,000 pieces of equipment including pumps, electric motors and frequency inverters.


Bilfinger Rotating Assessment

With the Bilfinger Rotating Assessment (BRA) we support our customers to develop a risc based and sustainable maintenance for their rotating equipment. The BRA is a tool to identify optimization potentials and to recommend measures for cost reduction and availability enhancement.

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When it comes to rotating equipment, we provide our customers with a supplier-independent range of services covering the entire service life of such equipment. The services include maintenance, repair, test runs, strategic consulting, optimization and commissioning and also cover rotating machines in explosion-hazard areas in accordance with the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health."

Jürgen RabeHead of Department Pump and Motor Technology at Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance GmbH

As a full-service provider in the field of rotating equipment, we support our customers from the initial production idea through to continuous optimization of their process plants and look after ongoing production operations through inspection, maintenance, efficient repair and professional modernization. Our goal is to increase plant availability while reducing maintenance costs."

Michael StaabMaintenance Coordinator at VPC Pumps and Motors at Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance GmbH

There is a significant need for predictive and sustainable maintenance services when it comes to rotating equipment, as many companies today lack expertise in this area."

Bernardo SequeiraGlobal Development Director Rotating Equipment Services and Projects at Bilfinger

Our team with high skilled rotating technicians & engineers delivers high quality overhaul works on rotating equipment for the entire lifecycle from a single source. With our expertise in rotating equipment, condition monitoring and our technology driven solutions, we increase our client´s uptime, reduce energy consumption and make sure to deliver all services within the stipulated time frame."

Tiago RodriguesDepartment Manager Bilfinger Rotating Equipment at Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance Nordics AS
Services at a glance

Bilfinger - Your complete service provider

Bilfinger offers OEM-independant knowledge of equipment and access to multiple service disciplines within the Bilfinger Group ensure the highest quality services.

Our services on Heavy Rotating Equipment: Turbines & Compressors & Gears
  • Condition monitoring online and offline
  • Oil sampling including analysis and evaluation
  • Cleaning of lube oil and hydraulic systems
  • Maintenance of oil filtration systems
  • Planning and execution of overhauls as turnkey project
  • Rotating, scaffolding, electrical, automation and insulation services
  • Management and repair of critical spare parts
  • Alignment and balancing
  • Support on commissioning


Bilfinger can provide great amount of qualified manpower on different workforce levels according the customers needs.

Our services on Pumps and Electrical Motors
  • Consulting:
    Experienced technicians and engineers support customers as early as the planning/concept phase and work on continuous optimization in the operation of the assets.

  • Maintenance:
    Predictive maintenance by means of vibration monitoring with own sensor VibraCheck or, for example lube oil analysis to avoid unexpected downtime.

  • Workshop services:
    OEM-independent complete services with detailed damage report and solutions-oriented overhaul.

  • Rental pool:
    Saving investment costs through the rental of pumps, electric motors and frequency inverters. Simple and fast provision in case of damage to the rented equipment. 

Value Performance Contract
In addition to equipment rental, maintenance services can also be integrated into a Value Performance Contract (VPC) with a fixed annual budget and relevant key figures. The customer is thus contractually guaranteed an expanded availability promise. 


Benefits for our customers:

  • Increased asset availability through multiple maintenance services from one source for all kinds of rotating equipment
  • Time efficiency through access to a large number of highly skilled workers on different levels on short notice
  • Cost efficient service solutions all over the life cycle of the rotating asset

The Value Performance Contract for our pumps and motors meets our expectations in terms of resilient fixed prices over the agreed period of years with decreasing budgets as well as decreasing failures. We receive excellent technical advice on more suitable pump technology and various other topics!"

Torsten SchuldtPlant Engineer at BASF

I have been using the Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance GmbH spare parts pool for years for the procurement of pumps for new plants, because then you can be sure that the pump fulfills the intended purpose and the documentation is complete."

Christian WiesnerSite Responsible Engineer at Nobian

During my projects at the Höchst site, I got to know and appreciate the services provided by the Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance GmbH aggregate pool. Commissioning and service questions are answered with a high level of commitment, in a very satisfactory and customer-oriented manner. If necessary, on-site appointments can sometimes be arranged at very short notice and more complex issues can thus be addressed quickly. On the whole, by using the aggregate pool, we benefited from significant time savings in fault analyses and rapid implementation of optimizations through fast, effective consulting."

Jan-Niclas HamacherDevelopment Process Engineer at Nobian

        Projects in the field of Rotating Equipment

YARA,  Norway

Turnaround of heavy rotating equipment


Services: Planning, disassembly and dismantling of steam turbines, centrifugal compressors, gearboxes, axial compressors and expanders, production of necessary new parts, chemical cleaning of the oil and hydraulic system, reassembly and alignment of the rotating equipment. Bilfinger has also set up a small workshop on site to carry out repair work at the location.


Voestalpine, Austria

Inspection of two steam turbines


Services: Inspection and repair work on Siemens steam turbines, modification of an intermediate compensator, and inspection of all auxiliary equipment.


Borealis, Austria

Full range of rotating equipment services


Services: Primary services on Siemens turbine and Nuov o-Pignone compressor, bearing inspection, critical components inspection, shaft balancing, replacement of wear parts, bearing clearance measurements, cooler maintenance, commissioning.


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