Observe carefully
and take action



If we are vigilant and also pay more attention to our colleagues, accidents can be avoided. "


“Health and safety is extremely important for our colleagues. If one is bad, that’s bad”, explains Richard Hoogendoorn, Head of HSEQ in the Netherlands. He has been with Bilfinger for more than 12 years, working to ensure high safety standards in the Group. He emphasizes that high safety standards is a USP for our Group. Because of these standards, Bilfinger has fewer lost time injuries (LTI) on site. Every new employee must complete a specific safety training. Bilfinger has its own on-boarding centre where new colleagues complete the trainings and show how they work. “Especially when it comes to scaffolding and insulation, it is of utmost importance that our employees know what they are doing and know Bilfinger’s safety requirements as well as the requirements of our costumers”, points out Richard.

Our colleague works together closely with the HSEQ Officers in the Netherlands who are on costumer sites and in their own regions. A constant exchange of information is important. There is an HSEQ Update every month to inform colleagues about safety, health and recently a new internal safety campaign (The Line of Fire campaign) was published. Behaviour for greater safety and control measures are presented in cartoon videos. “I like this kind of communication with our colleagues, because it gives safety a modern attitude. I also have a cartoon character”, he adds with a wink. Richard gives everyone the safety advice ‘observe carefully and take action’. “If we are vigilant and also pay more attention to our colleagues, accidents can be avoided”, he says.

Even after 12 years at Bilfinger, he enjoys his work for more safety. Richard started as an HSEQ Site Inspector on a construction site, where he ensured safety for his colleagues. After a few years, the opportunity arose to climb the career ladder. What drove him forward him was the good opportunity to develop himself with studies and the support of our HSEQ manager. He adds: "I started at Bilfinger as a fresh graduate (Integral Safety) and have been able to expand my knowledge over the years and gain a lot of valuable experience. We’re always looking for new HSEQ Site Inspectors and HSEQ Officers to join our team in the Netherlands and Belgium.”

Would you like to help Richard and the HSEQ team take health and safety at Bilfinger to the next level? Apply now for a vacant position in the HSEQ department.

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