The right gas temperature for Nord Stream 2

Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies won a new order in connection with the planned natural gas pipeline Nord Stream 2. A heat station for the preheating of natural gas is being built for gas grid operator and energy provider Gascade Gastransport at the landfall point in Lubmin.

The gas that is routed through the offshore pipeline to Lubmin comes at very pressure from Russia and has to be reduced from a maximum of 180 bar to up to 90 bar. In addition, it is necessary to increase the temperature of the incoming gas so that it can be fed into the European natural gas integrated grid “EUGAL” and “NEL”. When it arrives, the temperature of the gas can be up to 5°C. Before it can be transported further, it needs to be warmed in order to avoid the formation of ice or gas hydrate. The warming is carried out through the heating of water which is circulated from the heating station to the natural gas heat exchangers and back again.

Bilfinger is responsible for the engineering, delivery, assembly and commissioning of a 90 MW + 30 MW reserve natural gas fired heat generation plant. This consists of four structurally identical natural gas fired 2-flame tube boilers. In addition, we are also responsible for the entire warm-water system and supplementary systems as well as the required electrical and control technology plant peripherals for the complete regulating and monitoring of the plant.