Bilfinger Berger to build denitrification plant valued at €100 million

February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011

Clean energy for Israel: Bilfinger Berger to build denitrification plant valued at €100 million

Bilfinger Berger has won an order, valued at approximately €100 million, for a flue gas purification system from the Israeli energy sector. Client for the eight plants for the separation of nitrogen oxides is one of the country’s largest power companies, the Israel Electric Corporation. The order calls for the refitting of four power plant blocks at two locations with a combined output of 2,350 watts. A refitting with the same technology is planned for two additional blocks at a later date. The goal is to substantially reduce emissions at the two coal-burning power plants.

The range of services provided by Bilfinger Berger Power Services for this order include design, delivery and assembly coordination through to commissioning and covers, among other things, steel engineering, reactors and catalytic converters, piping systems and fittings as well as electrical measurement and control technology.

The refitting of power plants to comply with strict environmental standards is among the core competences of Bilfinger Berger Power Services. Important services, in addition to various flue gas purification technologies, include measures to improve power plant efficiency. These measures include modern boilers, high-pressure piping systems or flue gas heat utilization systems.