Bilfinger at POWERGEN Europe 2019


From November 12-14, 2019, Bilfinger will participate in POWERGEN Europe in Paris, one of the most important international trade fairs for the energy sector. This year, the event entitled “POWERING THE LOW CARBON TRANSITION” will focus on the energy transition and the challenges and opportunities it brings to the energy sector. It will also address Europe’s installed thermal power base’s aftermarket needs, existing assets upgrading and maintenance as well as the growth of renewables and decentralized energy generation. Over 800 exhibitors will take part in the trade show and more than 18,000 industry experts are expected to attend.

We will be sharing some of the expertise we have gained in our decades of engineering, construction, optimization and maintenance work, along with our know-how in decommissioning and dismantling plants for the energy sector. Additionally, we will be showcasing the services we provide to the process industry looking to realize the energy transition: Energy efficiency solutions, flue gas treatment, carbon capture utilization and storage, LNG and green hydrogen.




Our service portfolio

To reduce energy needs and greenhouse gas emissions in industrial plants, we offer a range of various technologies, processes and services:

1. Reduction of energy intensity

  • Energy efficiency audits and immediate measures
  • Waste heat utilization
  • Smart heating network management

2. Use of alternative sources of energy

  • Alternative energies (water, wind, hydrogen)
  • Energy storage
  • Power to gas / gas grid / LNG

3. Reduction of CO2 emissions

  • Emission control
  • Flue Gas treatment
  • Waste gas reduction
  • Carbon capture & storage

4. Reorganization of the production process

  • Innovative waste burning technologies (CHP / waste to energy)
  • District heating developments and expansions (incl. from industrial waste heat)