Full steam ahead

Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies and INEOS in Cologne have been an excellent team for many years. INEOS is one of the largest petrochemical companies in the world and produces basic materials needed for the production of many products we use every day.

At its location in Cologne-Worringen, INEOS operates its own power plant that provides the production facilities with process steam and at the same time serves as a disposal system for the waste gas created in production. 

Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies won the order for lot 6. The project has a volume of about €15 million and – according to current planning – should be completed by the end of 2020. INEOS in Cologne divided the “Gas and Steam Plant” project into a total of eight lots and tendered them individually.

“The power plant will be expanded to include a new steam generator with a separate firing system and a topping-gas turbine”, explains Olaf Alker, Project Manager at Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies. “We had to take a large number of interfaces into account in the engineering and assembly stages. This is one of the most significant challenges for this contract.” The project is extremely important to INEOS in Cologne. With lot 6, the team from Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies is responsible for “Balance of Plant” including, among other things, a large part of the water-steam cycle. Specifically, this means: the engineering, assembly and commissioning of the pipes with steam conditioning stations, for example.