Lower emissions with mobile flare

Rapid, flexible, and variable solutions, whether for complete plants or individual sub-process systems

Bilfinger has developed a self-contained, high-temperature flaring system, deployable on short notice as a product solution. The mobile flare is used wherever customers do not have stationary flare systems in place. Potential customers include production and storage operations, net operators or companies in our focus industries Oil & Gas or Chemical & Petrochemical.

Bilfinger combines sophisticated technology with flexibility and user friendliness. Another compelling aspect of this new product is the high degree of safety it provides: By ensuring that excess flue gases are burned off without danger, the mobile flare stack reduces the throughput load of existing plant systems.

The mobile flare stack is securely mounted on a trailer vehicle, allowing it to be rapidly transported to the desired deployment site. Both the body assembly and the chassis of the trailer can be variably adjusted to meet the specific requirements of each customer. Further features sure to find favor on the market is the flaring system’s availability and its all-around uses, since it was conceived not only for scheduled inspection, maintenance or repair work, but also for unscheduled deployments, e.g. in response to accidental gas leaks.  

The mobile flare stack’s design allows it to be autonomously operated (by battery power) for several hours. The flaring system’s arm is raised to the desired height by means of a hydraulic power train.  A touch panel allows for user-friendly operation. All the required consumables, such as nitrogen and propane, are carried along on board. The Bilfinger mobile flare stack manages to fulfill all these requirements, not to mention those stipulated under the TA Luft (Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control).

Mobile systems are becoming increasingly important. They are flexible, safe in operation and ecologically friendly.

Hanno Wennekamp, Project Manager, Welding Engineer, Bilfinger EMS

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