Gas and respiration protection: The air is clear

Bilfinger increases not only the efficiency of industrial plants. Throughout Germany, our company is also a leader in the planning, management and execution of missions involving the use of heavy respiration protection gear.

Staff at the “gas and respiration protection” department of Bilfinger EMS, a subsidiary based in Cloppenburg, Germany, are on hand wherever there is a potential poisoning or suffocation hazard in tanks and silo facilities. Typical customers include, for example, operators of wastewater treatment plants, the agricultural industry, the automotive sector, petrochemicals as well as food and beverage production.

Gas and respiration protection: Checking plant components for mercury contamination

Employees regularly participate in specialized training sessions to keep themselves permanently up to date in their day-to-day work. If needed, Bilfinger also takes over the regular review of the equipment and tests all devices at the customer site once per month. Not only are impermeability and functionality checked, cleaning and disinfection are also carried out. Everything is done in accordance with the rules and requirements of the authorities. And because all devices are kept in a database with schedule monitoring, all malfunctions related to missed checks are avoided.

As a precautionary measure, the team also checks the so-called MAC thresholds (maximum allowable concentration). These are values determined by authorities that, for the protection of occupational health, define the maximum concentration of certain gases in the air. The thresholds are reviewed and adjusted annually by a commission. In recent years they have been made significantly more strict.

Putting on the respiration protection gear

The gas and respiration department of the Bilfinger subsidiary also offers training and further education for third parties – for fire protection helpers, wearers of respiration protection equipment and gas measurement technicians.