Successful trade fair appearance by Bilfinger at the SMM 2016

October 05, 2016

Under the slogan “We make scrubbers work”, Babcock Noell presented its expertise in innovative plant technology for flue-gas purification at the world’s leading trade fair for maritime economy, the SMM 2016. The SMM 2016 took place in Hamburg with 2,200 exhibitors and around 50,000 trade visitors.

With 40 years of experience in flue-gas and waste gas purification, the Babcock Noell team has developed a hybrid scrubber for maritime shipping. It is necessary to equip the ships with flue-gas purification systems due to strict limit values for SO2 emissions and particular requirements for the ECA environmental zones.

Babcock Noell used its presence at the SMM 2016 to offer the maritime industry a cost efficiency analysis directly at the stand and to present its broad range of experience.

“We were very pleased with the keen interest in our products. We are confident about the further future business development in maritime flue-gas purification”, says Andreas Breeger, Head of Maritime Flue-Gas Purification at Babcock Noell.

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