Salzgitter turns to Bilfinger for the modernization of piping systems

September 21, 2016

Bilfinger Piping Technologies will replace the over 40-year-old piping system for the medium-pressure steam system in the Salzgitter-Hallendorf power plant. Some of the work will take place in confined spaces, which means that the piping will have to be supported with special structures. Some of the support structures will also be replaced with suitable new structures in order to bring the entire system with modern spring suspensions into a stable and secure condition. The contract is to be completed in just six weeks.

Bilfinger has also received a further order for the Salzgitter plant from Tenova Metals Deutschland. The colleagues at Bilfinger Rohrleitungsbau will provide a challenging piping package for two new steel production plants.  The scope of services includes the complete piping of the media (e.g. coolant, nitrogen, etc.) and the connecting piping of large components (e.g. steam jet air ejector and vacuum plant). This project will also be completed in just four months.

Salzgitter Flachstahl has been a Bilfinger customer since the 1980s.

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