Commissioning of the high voltage line between Stumpenhagen and Lage

April 07, 2016

The masts along the 14-kilometre line, built in 1943, had reached the end of their technical service life and were replaced. The foundations, masts, conductor cables, chains, insulators with valves and fiber optic earth wires were all replaced. The 110,000-volt line between Stumpenhagen and Lage was also strengthened, in order to be able to feed decentrally generated energy into the network and to increase supply security.

Bilfinger FRB dismantled the existing 8.8km section of overhead line from Stumpenhagen to Wahmbeck and installed the new line including foundations, masts and cabling. At times, up to 60 fitters were on the job. A helicopter team was specially commissioned for the dismantling of two masts in the conservation areas in Begatal and Biesterberg. Instead of being dismantled on site and removed with heavy vehicles, the two steel lattice masts were flown out of the conservation area by helicopter, avoiding damage to the landscape.

The final work, which primarily involved the installation of high voltage conductors, was completed at the end of last year. The voltage line has now been officially put into operation by network operator Westfalen Weser Netz. The operator has invested around €9 million in supply security in the Kreis Lippe area of Central Germany.