Bilfinger Piping Technologies successfully certified in accordance with the ASME Nuclear Code

February 04, 2015

The audit team, consisting of representatives from the ASME along with an Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA), were impressed by the professional work and the degree of commitment demonstrated by all employees involved.
The ASME III Code defines, among other things, the strict requirements in terms of qualifications, materials used and conditions necessary to be allowed to carry out special manufacturing processes. Especially in the international market is the ASME certification a basic requirement for work in nuclear facilities.
Bilfinger Piping Technologies has now received the following ASME III 'Certificates of Authorization':
Nuclear parts (NPT)                      
Coverage of the activities necessary for manufacture and installation such as welding, bending, thermal treatment, inspection

Nuclear assembly (NA)             
Assembly of spools and components at installation sites
Nuclear supports (NS)          
Secondary steel construction including design in manufacturing
Material organization (MO)              
Material supplier
Qualification of materials (USM)   
Conversion of materials (unqualified source material) to ASME III level
With the successful certification, Bilfinger Piping Technologies has achieved a milestone and met the access requirements for entering international markets on the basis of the ASME III Code.