News 2020


Radiation protection windows and locks for encapsulation plant

Bilfinger Noell has been commissioned to design, manufacture and install radiation protection windows and small part locks at Finland’s Olkiluoto encapsulation plant Posiva in 2022. In September 2020, the first components – embedded frames – were delivered.

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Pool gates supplied for CAREM-25 pressurized water reactor

Argentina’s National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) awarded Bilfinger Noell the contract to design and manufacture three pool gates and the corresponding embedded frames for the CAREM-25 pressurized water reactor. Delivery was made a few weeks ago.

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Hydrogen high-pressure storage for research (German Aerospance Center DLR)

In Cologne, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is conducting research into gases for energy technology – including hydrogen. Various gases can be mixed in high-pressure mixing plants, enabling internal and external partners from the aerospace and energy technology sectors to conduct experiments under realistic conditions. Bilfinger supported DLR in the development of the 300 bar hydrogen high-pressure storage tanks. Bilfinger carried out feasibility studies, was responsible for planning, engineering for the authorities, procurement of materials and construction of the storage facilities.

Pilot plant HyStock (Gasunie)

The 1 MW HyStock pilot plant converts green energy into hydrogen. Gasunie's first power-to-gas plant in the Netherlands is facilitating further development of the hydrogen market and is researching new technologies. Bilfinger contributed system integration services for construction of the plant and was responsible for the high-voltage power supply of the proton exchange unit. The company was also responsible for the planning and laying of the piping systems as well as the hydrogen pipelines and pipe trailers.

Mobile with hydrogen (Air Liquide)

Air Liquide built one of the first publicly accessible hydrogen filling stations in the Netherlands near Rotterdam. The station is directly connected to Air Liquide's European hydrogen pipeline network. Bilfinger assumed responsibility for engineering, coordinated the approval of the station with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment and was responsible for the construction.

Test centre for gas turbines (Siemens)

Siemens maintains a burner test center for gas turbines near Berlin. The purpose of the center is to research combustion processes under realistic operating conditions. Siemens needed a cryogenic energy storage system for hydrogen, among other things, and Bilfinger was responsible for investment calculation, pre-basic engineering and authority engineering.

Pilot plant for storing green electricity (Uniper)

In Falkenhagen, international energy company Uniper operates a pilot plant for the storage and transmission of wind power. The plant uses electrolysis to produce green hydrogen, that was fed directly into the gas grid in the first years of the pilot plant. Today, the hydrogen is mixed with carbon dioxide from a bio-ethanol plant and converted into methane – a synthetic natural gas. Bilfinger supported construction of the power-to-gas plant and supplied the control system along with data storage. Bilfinger was also responsible for the pipeline leakage monitoring system and remote control of the dispatching.


Disinfectants instead of cosmetics

Bilfinger is helping French cosmetics manufacturer L’Oréal to further improve hygiene standards at its site in Warsaw, Poland. This  is important because, during the coronavirus outbreak, the company is switching over to producing disinfectants, redesigning areas between hygiene zones and overhauling logistics processes.

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Onwards and upwards

While air travel is only starting to pick up again, all the signs at Munich Airport point to growth in the long term. Plans are underway to extend the eastern apron by 2021 and to enlarge Terminal 1 by 2023. Involved in both projects, Bilfinger is responsible for fully installing the kerosene pipelines used to refuel the aircraft. This will include engineering, delivery, manufacturing and assembly work as well as commissioning.

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Staying power

Bilfinger Industrial Services commissioned four new UPS units for Fresenius Kabi Austria at its Linz site. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems ensure that operations are not disrupted during brief power outages. The new units enhance operational safety at the international health care group’s facilities.

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Seen in...

Zofingen, Switzerland: Spectacular! No, it’s not an action movie. It’s the Bilfinger Industrial Services chemical defense academy in Switzerland. Our seasoned specialists hold courses for customers and colleagues on the 12,000 square-meter training grounds. Topics covered include fires, chemicals, tactics and respiratory protection. Up to 2,000 participants from around the world are put through their paces every year.


Refurbished water power

The landmark-status Cwm Dyli hydro power plant in the Welsh region of Snowdonia went into operation in 1906. It feeds around ten megawatts of electricity into the grid. The water that turns the turbine comes from the Llyn Llydaw lake, 320 meters above the plant. Bilfinger UK has now been awarded the contract by the operator Innogy to refurbish the plant’s instrumentation and control technology.

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Targets for 2019 attained

Bilfinger closed out the 2019 financial year on a positive note. Revenue grew organically by 6 percent to €4.3 billion, adjusted EBITA amounted to €104 million and reported net profit came to €24 million. With a reported free cash flow of €57 million, the company reached another major milestone.

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First step toward green heating

The Mannheim-based energy provider MVV will be converting the source of its heat generation to renewables in the coming years. The first step was connecting the thermal waste incinerator to the regional district heating network. In February 2020, the turnkey district heating plant built by Bilfinger went into operation.

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Seen in Melkøya:

Melkøya: On the island of Hammerfest in northern Norway, Equinor operates a natural gas liquefaction plant. Even under extreme climatic conditions, Bilfinger has provided comprehensive services to the facility since 2006.