Progress through networking

By collecting and analyzing data as well as developing optimization algorithms, BCAP paves the way to greater efficiency.

Especially for operators of medium-sized industrial plants, our modular digitalization solution dubbed Bilfinger Connected Asset Performance (BCAP) offers a simple and secure way to harness digitalization. The heart of the solution is a cloudbased platform where all the data from an industrial plant’s engineering, operations and maintenance areas is collected.

For instance, this includes data from production planning as well as from sensors that continually monitor the condition of individual components. Linking and analyzing this data delivers new and improved insights into managing and operating industrial plants. This makes it possible to identify potential disruptions earlier and more reliably as well as reduce unplanned downtime. At the same time, the effectiveness of the entire plant gets a significant boost.

Rapid amortization

Digitalization projects start with a digital maturity assessment that determines the company’s current level of and potential for digitalization. This acts as the springboard to developing a strategy and specific projects aimed at leveraging potential in the form of predefined software and services from the BCAP solutions store or bespoke applications. Since the time investment is only a few months, it is not long before customers benefit from the added value.

Additionally, BCAP offers a wealth of soft benefits, such as identifying blind spots in order to initiate necessary strategy adjustments. Processes run more smoothly and reliably. Last but not least, a compelling digitalization concept reflects positively on a company’s image and helps position it as an attractive employer.

How we increase our customers’ efficiency

Münzing: Increasing productivity through digitalization

Customer: Münzing, a manufacturer of additives for paints and varnishes, adhesives and other products

Challenge: Increasing productivity while maintaining quality standards and staffing levels

Solution: Optimizing processes by integrating new sensors and introducing machine learning programs

Benefits: Increasing productivity by 10 percent

Almatis: Stabilizing the production process with the help of a virtual sensor

Customer: Almatis, manufacturer of specialty products based on alumina

Challenge: Ensuring constant moisture levels in a section of the plant without a physical sensor

Solution: An AI-based virtual sensor ensures constant moisture levels even between measuring intervals

Benefits: Reducing energy consumption by four percent, increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by three percent

Published in issue 04.2019

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Bilfinger and deep-tech start-up Akselos have signed a memorandum of understanding with a view to implementing Akselos’ digital twin technology in the offshore and processing industries. The software facilitates the near-real-time assessment of an asset’s integrity status. That allows potential failures to be predicted before they occur.

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