Succeeding with precision

The Bilfinger Turnaround Concept (BTC) is the key to reduced downtimes and optimized costs

In the process industry, where turnarounds are carried out every two to five years, speed and efficiency are of paramount importance. After all, it is important for the plant operator to get production up and running again as quickly as possible once work has been completed. The Bilfinger Turnaround Concept, or BTC, makes plant operators fit for this challenge. The personnel factor is key: A turnaround has to be conducted within just a few weeks and the companies therefore rely on external resources.

Skilled personnel

As a result of the increasing shortage of skilled personnel, however, it is difficult to hire several hundred specialists from various trades at short notice. The precise coordination of the individual work steps is a further challenge in the practical execution of the turnaround. Bilfinger is a leading provider, has more than 20,000 of its own employees in the maintenance sector and carries out roughly 30 turnaround projects.

Modular structure

The BTC consists of nine modules covering topics such as resource management, occupational safety and materials management. Bilfinger has developed a turnaround manual that describes all work steps and their inter-dependencies in detail. Depending on the initial situation, the necessary work flows can thus be individually adapted to specific requirements. The result is a schedule of all simultaneous and sequential work steps including their timing. This, in turn, establishes the basis for the special precision in turnaround management – and for the possibility to minimize project risks and calculate costs as precisely as possible in advance.

published in issue 04.2018

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