Recognizing a need

Solutions for a sector on the rise: What Bilfinger does for the chemical and petrochemical industries

Global demand for chemical and petrochemical products is high – and will continue to grow. The industry has recognized this: As a result of rising demand, investments are not only being made in new production facilities, but also increasingly in the modernization and optimization of existing operations.

The goal is more efficiency, greater availability and an increase in performance. Bilfinger offers the chemical and petrochemical industries the right solutions for planning, engineering, implementation and maintenance. Bilfinger also possesses expertise acquired over the course of decades in many areas such as the construction of highly efficient steam and boiler systems or the design and manufacturing of complex piping systems as well as their integration into existing plants. Gas purification and emissions reduction are also among the company’s core competences as is the partial or full automation of production equipment.

Digitalization is essential to increasing the efficiency of existing plants. Bilfinger has the necessary know-how for the planning and optimization of maintenance and downtimes as well as for the digitalization of plant documentation (Bilfinger Connected Asset Performance – BCAP). This is in addition to the modular Bilfinger Maintenance Concept (BMC) with which we deliver precise solutions for customers’ requirements and make the entire spectrum of our comprehensive maintenance competence available to them.

published in issue 04.2018

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