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Bilfinger is on duty around the clock for Swiss pharmaceutical producer Siegfried

Bilfinger has been responsible for maintenance and engineering at Siegfried’s main plant in Zofingen, Switzerland since 2010. The demands are high: The pharmaceutical industry is subject to a strict set of conditions in production. Cost optimization and high plant availability are essential for the industry. Work has to be closely coordinated between service provider and customer and carried out quickly, pragmatically and effectively. For Siegfried, a 24/7/365 service concept was developed on the basis of the BMC.

Open exchange

“Bilfinger often goes the extra mile here in order to ensure that our plants run without interruption”, says Dr. Reinhard Räcker, who is responsible for Siegfried’s plant operations in Switzerland and France. Bilfinger and Siegfried work hand in hand to reach these goals. Be it in the operation of the plants, the optimization of the production processes or all questions related to maintenance: Bilfinger has deep insight. “We talk to each other a lot”, says Räcker. “I really appreciate that, with Bilfinger, I have a partner who I can talk to about new models for the cooperation.” Experts in electrical engineering, automation, mechanical engineering, piping construction and administration are on the job at Siegfried. Primary goal: Bundle as much expertise as possible on the premises so that work on the technology can be carried out directly. Maintenance services are executed around the clock.

Since the beginning of the cooperation, Bilfinger has been able to reduce annual maintenance costs by more than 30 percent. The collaboration between Siegfried and Bilfinger was expanded in 2017. There are now about 200 Bilfinger employees working for Siegfried at a total of four locations in Switzerland, Germany and France. The advantage of the outsourcing strategy for the Swiss company is that it now has the ability to react flexibly to capacity fluctuations in the maintenance area and thus more efficiently organize its costs.

3 questions for Gerald Pilotto

Mr. Pilotto, what makes the BMC unique?

We bundle all of Bilfinger’s expert knowledge and make it accessible for the customer, regardless of where they are located – in consistently high quality and adapted to individual requirements. Specifically: With the BMC, we increase the reliability of plants, optimize the maintenance costs – all while observing the strictest safety standards. Our uniform and digitalized processes and methods lighten the load for employees and ensure the necessary transparency. Also important: Our concept has proven itself in practice, we have well-known references. Our service concept offers a real added value.

Can the concept be transfered internationally?

Definitely. We offer the BMC in all four Bilfinger core regions – meaning everywhere in Europe, North America and the Middle East. The concept has been well-established in Europe for some time. In 2017, we expanded our collaboration with the Swiss pharmaceutical company Siegfried to include further activities in Germany, France and Switzerland. But there is also demand in the USA, where we were recently able to sign a new BMC contract.

The concept sounds very promising in theory, but is it also practical?

Our methods and tools have been developed from practice for practice: We focus on operational as well as management aspects that are applicable globally and implement the concept with digital applications. Let’s take as an example the repair of compressors that we offer for our customers internationally. You need experienced employees and at Bilfinger these are stored in a database with their respective qualifications. We put together the best-suited team, precisely targeted for the application, and get down to the implementation quickly.

Gerald Pilotto is Executive President Maintenance, Modifications & Operations for the region Continental Europe.

published in issue 02.2018

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