Pit stop for plants

Productivity up, costs down: Thanks to uniform standards, the modular BMC service package helps you achieve your goals faster

The evolution of a necessity: Within just a few decades, the pit stop has become a key strategic component in the world of motorsport – a component that can sometimes mean the difference between winning and losing. Today, pit stops are intricately planned in advance and carried out by specialized “pit crews”. The situation is similar for the maintenance of industrial plants which is also becoming increasingly forward-looking and predictable. Bilfinger is the perfect pit crew for the process industry. With our Bilfinger Maintenance Concept (BMC), we provide the same first-class maintenance standards throughout our core regions. And our customers are the ones who benefit – after all, successful Formula One teams also always work with the same pit crew.

Broad expertise

Bilfinger has compiled its entire range of expertise from many decades of experience and more than 400 maintenance analyses in the BMC. The concept is divided into 16 different modules and can be customized to fit the needs and requirements of customers – from occupational safety to employees as well as knowledge management and innovation. We are pursuing two objectives: Increasing the reliability of plants while simultaneously optimizing maintenance costs. With the BMC, the potential for reducing annual maintenance costs is up to 40 percent while plant productivity can be increased by up to 10 percent under certain conditions – each over a period of five years.

Recognizing potential

A status check in the form of a Bilfinger Maintenance Analysis (BMA) is carried out at the beginning of a BMC partnership. This is our most important tool for identifying improvement potentials. They also subsequently serve as documentation to show that potential was actually realized. And Bilfinger finds opportunities for optimization in every plant. What’s more: We also look after the subsequent execution. Because the engineers, technicians and specialists at Bilfinger understand maintenance as an integrated component of the value chain. Flexibility is a key success factor: If there happens to be less maintenance and repair work to be done, we assign our employees to other projects, making fixed costs variable. At the same time, we are in a position to identify potential disruptions in advance, to evaluate them from a risk perspective and to proactively initiate relevant measures. That saves time and money. And success has proven us right. For customers such as Siegfried, Borealis and Yara, Bilfinger is now taking care of maintenance at locations throughout Europe – true to the motto: “Never change a winning team.”

published in issue 02.2018

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Fast analysis

In 20 Minutes

There is potential for improvement in all industrial plants. With the Bilfinger Maintenance Radar, you can quickly recognize the available potential. The Radar is available online and highlights your maintenance and the associated processes in a fast-track procedure. The ckeck takes about twenty minutes and is free of charge. You will be surprised how much potential is lying dormant in your maintenance. The value add for you can be easily measured – and we look after the execution.