Digital in six months

Making plants more effective while reducing costs: The BCAP digital service is making industrial plants ready for the digital age

Let’s look at some facts: Brooms are seldom used for housecleaning nowadays. Why? Because for a long time now, vacuum cleaners have been doing a better job. Smart robot vacuum cleaners are even more convenient — and they’re already being used today. The process industry is about to make a similar leap in terms of intelligence and effectiveness, thanks to the digitalization of the operating processes of industrial plants. With BCAP (Bilfinger Connected Asset Performance), we have developed a solution that customers can implement in a quick an easy manner.

New insights

The idea is to bring together all relevant information. BCAP connects data from engineering, operations and maintenance via a cloud-based platform. This BCAP platform serves as the plant’s technical backbone and data center. The data sources include the process control system, production planning, and sensors that assess the plant’s status. The connection and analysis of this previously isolated data brings to light completely new insights.

One important result of such analyses is that potential disruptions become easier to predict. That has a positive effect on maintenance costs. BCAP can reduce maintenance costs by as much as 30 percent. Moreover, the length of unplanned downtimes can be reduced by 25 percent, depending on the industry. At the same time, thanks to smart monitoring, the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) can be increased by up to 15 percent.

For midsized companies in particular, BCAP is a simple and economical solution that enables them to prepare for digitalization within a short period of time. That’s because the employed capital generally amortizes within the first year. And we can implement comprehensive elements of BCAP within only six months. That saves time and yields quick results.

Modular structure

Our offering covers four phases with a variety of service packages. The services range from consulting to the creation of “digital twins” and the implementation of state-of-the-art dashboards for production and maintenance all the way to “as a service” models of the cloud-based BCAP platform. These service packages enable customers to connect their plants with a modern industrial Internet of Things in a comprehensive way. The secure connection of the IT systems and the transparent assessments specially tailored to the customer’s needs are key components of this solution.

published in issue 01.2018

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In a nutshell

“Innovative, holistic, practical: Bilfinger offers a comprehensive range of services for the digitalization of the process industry. Our services range from consulting over establishing digital connectivity to the analysis and optimization of plants based on intelligent data analysis. We connect the loose ends and make the future of plants predictable. As an intermediary between industry and IT, we raise the effectiveness of industrial assets to a new level. Take advantage of this added value.”

Tom Blades, CEO