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Committed to our roots: New Group headquarters in Mannheim


  • Modern structure: Detached new building, six storeys, 4,600 m² floor space
  • Central location close to main station with good transportation links
  • Move in Summer 2018, Bilfinger sole tenant


Bilfinger has declared its commitment to Mannheim as the traditional location of the company and will move into a new corporate headquarters in the summer of 2018. The lease for newly-built structure at Oskar-Meixner-Straße 1 in Mannheim-Almenhof was signed. The lease has a term of ten years with an extension option. Bilfinger will be the sole occupant and will have a hand in the design of the interior.

“We are proud of our roots and our headquarters have been in Mannheim since 1892. The new corporate headquarters is a centrally-located, prestigious new building. The modern design is in line with our repositioning and culture”, says CEO Tom Blades.

The detached structure has six storeys and a total floor space of 4,600 square meters. It is conveniently located close to Mannheim’s main station and the Autobahn. The new headquarters also complies with strict energy standards which means that the move will result in significantly lower operating costs.

“With the new headquarters we are starting a new chapter, together with all of our employees. We will be able to have a say in the interior design of the building and to actively involve our colleagues in this process. We want to be moved in by the summer of 2018”, says Chief Human Resources Officer Michael Bernhardt.

The lease for the current corporate headquarters on Carl-Reiß-Platz expires in 2018. That building is now 58 years old and would have required an extensive modernization had the lease been extended.

The new corporate headquarters is being built by TRIWO Gewerbepark Mannheim GmbH and leased to Bilfinger SE. Changes may still be made to the visualization of the building.