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09/19/2017 | Comprehensive spray-drying safety thanks to Bilfinger technology

(Trade Press) Many products in our daily lives are manufactured using spray-drying. Given the high temperatures used in the drying process, however,…

09/05/2017 | Bilfinger donates USD 25,000 to American Red Cross

Bilfinger is providing financial support to the American Red Cross in the amount of USD 25,000. The donation is intended for reconstruction aid…

09/01/2017 | Bilfinger begins announced share buyback program: Purchase of up to 10 percent of the share capital at a maximum purchase price of €150 million

On September 6, 2017, Bilfinger SE will begin the buyback of the company’s own shares announced on February 14, 2017. The program will be completed…

08/22/2017 | European nuclear industry relies on Bilfinger

The European nuclear industry has awarded two major orders with a total volume of about €30 million to Bilfinger. The order in the United Kingdom is…

08/16/2017 | "Germany's digital strength"

In the national German daily "Die Welt", Bilfinger CEO Tom Blades talks about the opportunities presented by digitalization (issue August 16, 2017).

08/14/2017 | Second quarter 2017: Bilfinger continues step-by-step implementation of its strategic repositioning – environment remains challenging

Step-by-step, Bilfinger is continuing its strategic repositioning that began in the spring of 2017. In the just closed second quarter, orders received…

07/20/2017 | Lünendonk list 2017: Successful title defense, Bilfinger once again leading industrial services provider in Germany

When it comes to industrial services, Bilfinger is far and away the top choice for companies in Germany. For the ninth consecutive year, the company…

07/11/2017 | Significant improvements in project management introduced, positive and negative earnings effects in Q2 from legacy projects

In the second quarter of 2017, there was a positive development in connection with a long-standing legal dispute in Qatar. The dispute relates to…

07/06/2017 | Bilfinger to supply cloud chamber for international climate research

(Trade Press) Combined experience in special solutions: Bilfinger has been awarded a contract to construct a cylindrical, dynamically controlled cloud…

07/03/2017 | Process automation: Bilfinger to install demonstration and testing facility for Industry 4.0

(Trade Press) With a new testing facility, which Bilfinger will be installing and subsequently operating for Interessengemeinschaft Regelwerke Technik…

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