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"We are significantly expanding our sustainable industrial services portfolio"

Mr. Hall, sustainable business practices are becoming increasingly important in the process industry.
What steps is Bilfinger taking to provide even better support for its customers in this area?

Bilfinger has been delivering a very comprehensive range of what we call sustainable industrial services for many years. These services include our solutions to enhance energy efficiency, flue gas treatment, combined heat and power generation or waste heat utilization, to name just a few examples. And for decades we have also been
providing support in the extraction, transport and supply of energy along the entire life cycle of a plant or power station. In this respect, we are already positioned as energy transition experts and have established an outstanding reputation in the markets that are relevant for us. We do, however, intend to expand this range of services significantly in the future.

What services will these be in concrete terms?

Overall, demand for all our sustainable industrial services is increasing. We will therefore expand our capacities in our existing services portfolio. At the same time, we will increasingly offer services that are key drivers of a successful energy transition: These include, for example, plants for battery production, green hydrogen production as well as carbon capture and storage. There is also strong growth in demand for our services in the
areas of hydroelectric power, district heating and nuclear energy. We already have a very strong presence in all these sectors and can offer our customers substantial added value.

What kind of added value do you mean?

As a major industrial services provider, Bilfinger is in a position to offer its customers comprehensive support. We are familiar with different technologies, quickly pick up on successful innovations due to our international presence and help our customers optimize their entire plant – not just when it comes to individual trades or aspects of the plant. Because we offer everything from engineering and manufacturing to maintenance and
modernization as well as the dismantling and decommissioning of a plant, we are in a position to provide customers with an integrated portfolio. For the customer, this means better, interface-free support for a wide range of services. They also benefit from a significant reduction in the time and effort required to coordinate the work of different service providers.

Why is this particularly important for services that help reduce CO2 emissions?

Companies in the energy and process industries are currently undergoing an intensive transformation phase. There is so much that needs to be reworked and rethought. In transition phases, it is reassuring to be able to rely on partners who can contribute decades of experience and who are able to participate in the thought process and design of new solutions and technologies. This is exactly where I see Bilfinger: Not only do we want to provide our customers with operational support through various services, we also want to accompany and advise them much more in the future. The role we play is clear:
We make sustainability work!

Duncan Hall

Duncan Hall
Member of the Executive Board and Chief Operating Officer
Bilfinger SE

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