Lünendonk List 2018: Bilfinger tops the list for industrial services providers for the tenth consecutive year

July 26, 2018

In the ranking of the top industrial services providers in Germany, Bilfinger is in a stellar first place for the tenth time in a row. This is the conclusion of the Lünendonk List which is presented annually by Lünendonk & Hossenfelder GmbH. With about one billion euro in domestic revenue, Bilfinger achieved roughly one quarter more than the second-place company. In total revenue, Bilfinger had more than four times the amount reached by the next-best ranked companies.

Tom Blades, CEO at Bilfinger: "The transformation in our industry is also being reflected in the ranking of top industrial services providers. It is leading to shifts in the placings, to the disappearance of old names and the appearance of new ones. It is no minor achievement to maintain a leading position over the course of ten years. It is a testament to the confidence that our customers have in Bilfinger as a solutions partner."

As an industrial services provider, Bilfinger covers all of the requirements in the lifecycle of a plant: from engineering, fabrication and construction through to operation with comprehensive maintenance, major turnarounds as well as conversion and expansion measures. In the maintenance area, Bilfinger has bundled its entire expert knowledge in the Bilfinger Maintenance Concept (BMC), thus defining the strict standards that customers can expect internationally in all core regions. In a consistently high level of quality, they serve to increase the reliability of the plant and to optimize maintenance costs - all while meeting the highest safety requirements.

The concept has proven effective in practice and demonstrated by references from well-known companies. The Swiss pharmaceutical company Siegfried, for example, counts on Bilfinger's expertise in multiple countries. This also convinces new customers such as the American company H.B. Fuller, a manufacturer of industrial adhesives.

Practical knowledge and process expertise also play a decisive role in the newly developed digitalization strategy from Bilfinger. Here, Bilfinger is positioning itself with best practice concepts and products as a builder of digital bridges between the process industry and information technology. A new company, Bilfinger Digital Next, was founded specifically for the implementation of this strategy.