Industrial Tube: The video platform for better work quality

June 11, 2018

  • Bilfinger creates central point of contact for expertise in the process industry
  • Shared knowledge for optimal work flows and work safety

In a major company like Bilfinger, there are many areas of activity. In the future, the challenge will be to maintain the knowledge and experience that has been collected over many decades. Industrial Tube, an Internet-based video platform from Bilfinger, is here to help. This platform from experts for experts aims to safeguard the knowledge of technical employees as simply as possible and to make this knowledge available for other employees. With Industrial Tube, valuable information pertaining to work flows and work safety in the company can be shared - without restraints from language barriers.

The concept is simple: All employees need is a smartphone or a pair of data glasses for the recording function as well as the Industrial Tube app. Integrated templates that are played through the app provide a script that the users follow to make step-by-step recordings. The individual work steps are commented on by the employee as the work is being conducted. The app then transfers the video material to the Industrial Tube cloud where it is automatically edited in line with a standardized approval process. One major advantage: No personnel is needed for the editing of the film material. On the basis of artificial intelligence, the system also prepares multi-language subtitles as well as key words that ensure the video can be easily found and shared in the Industrial Tube portal using a key-word search. Overall, the need for manual handling is reduced to a minimum through automated processing.

Solutions offering with a broad reach
The pilot test of the system is currently being run at selected Bilfinger locations before the knowledge platform is activated for all users in the company. "Bilfinger benefits greatly when knowledge does not remain isolated or is potentially even lost, but rather shared throughout the company", says Martin Bergmann, Project Manager at Bilfinger's Digitalization & Innovation Lab. In the next step, Bilfinger will offer the process chain made up of recording, automatic processing and provision in two variations. First of all, in a software-as-a-service format that companies can use exclusively for internal purposes. There is also an open area being planned for which the user will not require any log-in data. It would then be possible, for example, for original equipment manufacturers to make their maintenance videos available to a broad audience, but one that is clearly defined according to professional interest. As a result of the standardized creation and the high quality of the teaching videos, Industrial Tube should establish itself as a central knowledge hub for the process industry.

With LESER GmbH & Co. KG, one of the leading producers of safety valves, Bilfinger has already gained a first partner for Industrial Tube. LESER will be making its new teaching videos available on Industrial Tube. "For us, Industrial Tube is an ideal channel for reaching current and future customers and making knowledge on the maintenance of LESER safety valves available to them in a digital format," says Mark Rowitz, Global Aftermarket Manager at LESER.