Digitalization gaining ground: Bilfinger and Samson launching ubix joint venture

June 28, 2017

The ubix Internet-of-Things platform is setting new standards in networking and automating industrial equipment.

Industrial services specialist Bilfinger SE and SAMSON AG, a provider of measurement and control technology, are establishing a joint venture to step up ubix, one of the latest IoT and automation platforms: A spin-off from Bilfinger GreyLogix GmbH, Flensburg-based ubix GmbH employs a staff of around 25. Management is headed by Peter Knapp, CDO of SAMSON AG, and Gerd Witzel, managing director of Bilfinger GreyLogix GmbH. Bilfinger SE is represented on the company’s advisory council by its CDO Franz Braun.

Developed by Bilfinger GreyLogix GmbH since 2011, the ubix Internet-of-Things and automation platform is currently being used by numerous companies in the energy, process and mechanical engineering sectors. The main purpose of the application is to control industrial equipment on a local basis and to simultaneously optimize performance. Under their strategic partnership, SAMSON and Bilfinger will be steadily expanding this solution over the next few years. “We aim to make ubix one of the leading IoT portals. SMEs in particular have a great deal of catching-up to do and conventional monitoring and automation systems are not sufficient to achieve this as the preliminary investments are simply too high. “ubix can fill this gap with a substantially cheaper solution,” explains Gerd Witzel. “Looking ahead over the next few years, both parties will be investing a seven-digit amount in research and development in order to steadily enhance ubix.”

“SAMSON is acquiring a majority interest in ubix GmbH and, in collaboration with Bilfinger, will be working towards a quantum leap forward in terms of digital business models and plant and process optimization,” says Peter Knapp. “The possibility of offering new and existing customers an open and highly innovative platform for their digitalization initiatives will allow us to expand existing and new business and set ourselves clearly apart from the competition.”

Explaining the role played by the joint venture in Bilfinger’s digitalization strategy, Gerd Witzel says: “Bilfinger does not define itself as a developer within the context of digitalization but as an expert in the application of highly professional products and solutions. However, it is important for us to be able to continue directly accessing the technologies, functions and developments of the ubix platform. The joint venture with SAMSON as a supplier of parts for a wide range of different industrial processes is the next logical step in this strategy. Moreover, this partnership will give us additional strategic scope for working with the participating companies.”

As a modular platform, ubix offers maximum flexibility, connectivity and scalability across all industries to boost plant efficiency and to minimize maintenance costs. With its cloud-based “software as a service” approach, ubix is substantially less expensive than conventional monitoring and controlling solutions, making it suitable for use in smaller plants as well. The universal interfaces provided by ubix ensure simple integration of expert systems, allowing companies to access various sources of data including those previously not used and unleashing potential for enhancing plant efficiency and availability.