Digital plant twin: Pilot project from Bilfinger and Münzing

May 17, 2017

Bilfinger and Münzing Chemie today signed a cooperation agreement in Münzing’s technology and administration center in Abstatt near Heilbronn and launched a pilot project in the field of digitalization. Bilfinger will digitally record the technical information on an existing powder facility at the Heilbronn site. It will do the same for two of Münzing’s chemical reactors that are currently under construction and will have a digital plant-twin from day one. Bilfinger’s new digital platform will also collate and comprehensively assess maintenance and production data.

“The pilot project with Münzing is groundbreaking development in our industry. With digitalization we are creating real value added for our customers. We are increasing the efficiency of their plants, reducing maintenance costs and increasing flexibility. Bilfinger is a pioneer in this area,” says Bilfinger CEO Tom Blades.

Information about the plant can now be accessed with just a few clicks on the newly integrated Bilfinger platform. All engineering, maintenance, production, environmental and energy data recorded during the life cycle of the plant is also systematically collated and analyzed. The aim is to tap new potential to increase plant efficiency and availability from the existing data portfolio. The project is scheduled for completion by the end of the third quarter of 2017.

With the digitalization project, Bilfinger and Münzing are developing their proven partnership. Since 2009, Bilfinger has been responsible for all maintenance services at the Heilbronn Münzing location. The Managing Partner and CEO of Münzing Chemie GmbH sees opportunities to further expand the cooperation: “Since Bilfinger took over our maintenance, the efficiency of our plants has increased significantly. Bilfinger combines maintenance and engineering know-how and offers an innovative digital platform that allows us to leverage potentials for digitalization in our company,” says Dr. Michael Münzing.

Bilfinger presented its new 2020 strategy in February of this year. Digitalization plays a key role. In a new Digitalization & Innovation Lab, Bilfinger bundles its competences in this area, applies them more intensively for standardized solutions and supplements them with new solutions. The new position of Chief Digital Officer was also created, which has been taken up by internal candidate Franz Braun. The
51-year-old was most recently Head of the Executive Management at Bilfinger Maintenance GmbH, the German national maintenance company of the Continental Europe division.

“Digitalization also offers us great opportunities to develop processes internally. We are already using digital solutions in many areas. The bundling of our know-how results in increased networking and promotes the exchange of knowledge and closer cooperation. This allows new business models like the pilot project with Münzing,” says Franz Braun. The team in the Digitalization & Innovation Lab is made up of experienced as well as young employees from both business segments – E&T and MMO.