Bilfinger Mobile Solutions improve efficiency and transparency

June 11, 2018

  • High-quality maintenance documentation in significantly less time
  • Efficiency enhancements through improved work scheduling

Documentation of maintenance plays a key role in the smooth operation of industrial plants. Filling out complex maintenance reports, however, takes up a great deal of time. This is where the Mobile Solutions systems from Bilfinger Maintenance GmbH come in: Order scheduling and processing tasks that used to be paper-based are digitalized and made more user-friendly with the mobile solution platform "enginius". Maintenance employees can thus create order-related documentation faster, easier and without gaps.

"Our mobile solutions outline complex situations very simply and intuitively and allow for high-quality documentation - in significantly less time than before", says Oliver Wichmann, Head of Mobile Solutions at the Bilfinger subsidiary.

The enginius solution platform covers all requirements for intelligent and mobile maintenance: It consists of a customer portal, planning tools and mobile applications. Order processes can be carried out fully digitally with the involvement of the customer. If, for example, there is a malfunction in a plant, the customer can report it through the portal. Using the planning tool, the responsible maintenance planner assigns the relevant order to a technician, who should then repair the malfunction. The technician receives the order assigned to him in real time on his smartphone or tablet together with all relevant working steps. As soon as the work is completed, it is documented in the mobile application. As a result, both the planner and the customer can see that the malfunction has been repaired. The customer can subsequently document his satisfaction in the customer portal. Bilfinger thus always receives direct feedback on the handling of malfunctions.

Improved process efficiency and documentation of occupational safety
The use of mobile applications also eliminates redundant work steps. Because all documents are saved in the SAP system, maintenance personnel and the customer both have access. A complex duplication or distribution is thus no longer necessary. This relates not only to documentation of maintenance works, but also to documentation of the occupational safety measures. The apps also include occupational safety functions that make data from the safety area available and indicate appropriate measures. Here, in addition, employees can create threat evaluations and report any incidents.

The enginius solution platform supports various languages as well as different mobile operating systems. The smart apps are available for both iOS and Android. Bilfinger is showing the fully-digital work process - Digital Work Order Management - at the Achema. Visitors can test all applications live on tablets, smartphones and a PC.

Bilfinger Mobile Solutions deliver high-quality maintenance documentation in significantly less time.

Bilfinger Mobile Solutions deliver high-quality maintenance documentation in significantly less time.

Bilfinger Mobile Solutions deliver high-quality maintenance documentation in significantly less time.