Bilfinger at the Achema: Digital pioneer for the process industry

June 11, 2018

Industrial services provider Bilfinger will take visitors to this year's Achema on a journey through the world of digitalization. At the leading trade fair for the process industry, the company is presenting, among other things, BCAP (Bilfinger Connected Asset Performance) - a digital solution that can significantly increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Further Bilfinger innovations include a new technology for the digitalization of plant documents called PIDGraph as well as the video platform Industrial Tube, which makes it possible to maintain the knowledge of technical employees using a very simple approach. Achema will take place from June 11 to 15 at the trade fair grounds in Frankfurt am Main.

"The process industry is a long way from exhausting the opportunities presented by digitalization", says Tom Blades, Chief Executive Officer at Bilfinger. "Bilfinger has an excellent starting position in this regard. We are intimately familiar with the processes of our customers. We also have a strong understanding of the digitalization of these processes. That makes us a digital bridge builder between the process industry and IT."

With BCAP, Bilfinger has created a comprehensive solution for the digitalization of operating processes in industrial plants that can be implemented quickly and easily. At the core of the solution is a cloud-based platform in which previously separate data from engineering, operation and maintenance is brought together and subjected to a targeted evaluation. This allows for entirely new findings and leads to improvements in the anticipation of potential plant malfunctions as well as a further reduction in unplanned downtimes.

In the area of plant documentation, Bilfinger is currently developing PIDGraph, a solution that, in a first step, automatically converts piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) into an intelligent digital version. The application is significantly cheaper than previous conversion methods which require the P&IDs to be re-created manually. PIDGraph is able to use the already existing material as a basis. This saves not only money, but also time. The objective is, in a second step, to allow for the processing of additional plant documents.

A major challenge being faced by many companies is the retention of employee knowledge in the technical area. Industrial Tube, an Internet-based video platform from Bilfinger, is here to help. To make a video, all employees need is a smartphone or a pair of data glasses for the recording function as well as the Industrial Tube app. Integrated templates that are played through the app provide a script that the users follow to make step-by-step recordings. The individual work steps are commented on by the employee. The app then transfers the video material to the Industrial Tube cloud where it is automatically edited in line with a standardized approval process.

Further trade fair highlights from Bilfinger include a software for improving process efficiency in biotechnology as well as an Internet-based application for identifying optimization potential in the maintenance of industrial plants. In an interactive trade fair tunnel, visitors can also find out about Bilfinger's comprehensive engineering solutions. The Bilfinger stand B22 is located in Hall 9.1.