Bilfinger and Shell Moerdijk: 50 years of partnership


  • Current contract extended by two additional years
  • Bilfinger impresses with concepts for greater efficiency, innovation and digitalization
  • Cooperation in a spirit of trust since the chemical plant was built in Moerdijk (NL) some 50 years ago
  • 150 to 200 Bilfinger employees daily on site for maintenance works

Bilfinger and Shell Moerdijk are continuing their long-standing successful cooperation. The industrial services provider remains a reliable partner with extensive expertise and new approaches for greater efficiency and digitalization. The contract, which has been extended by a further two years, includes wide-ranging services in the areas of scaffolding, working at heights, insulation, painting and tracing. 150 to 200 Bilfinger employees will continue to deliver maintenance services at the chemical plant every day.

The Shell Moerdijk chemical plant is one of the largest in Europe, producing chemical products on the basis of crude oil. Bilfinger has been supporting Shell Moerdijk with maintenance services and turnarounds since it was built over 50 years ago. Duncan Hall, Bilfinger COO: “The long-standing partnership with Shell Moerdijk has always been characterized by a spirit of trust. This trust enables us to react quickly, develop solutions independently for the benefit of our customer and thus support them proactively and with foresight.”

Richard Zwinkels, General Manager Shell Moerdijk: “Our long-standing relationship with Bilfinger has a solid foundation. In a partnership as strong and mutually beneficial as ours, the partners are willing to challenge each other and jointly seek even more effective ways of collaborating. Only when our contracts contribute to a healthy margin for our suppliers and to sustainable improvements and cost reductions for us can a genuine partnership be created.”

John Putter, Manager Operations at Bilfinger and responsible for the Shell Moerdijk team: “Our partnership is solution driven. Consulting services and the joint development of new ways of working represent our continuous investment in our cooperation. With our team, Shell not only gains competent maintenance experts, but also an additional 200 pairs of eyes and ears in the plant. Our colleagues are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency, reporting process safety hazards and making necessary repairs.”

The key factor behind Shell’s decision to extend the contract was the strong cooperation that has been in place for decades. Bilfinger also delivers an impressive range of concepts for greater efficiency, innovation and digitalization. These include pro-active advice on the most effective access to height solutions. Depending on the requirements, Bilfinger provides access by using industrial scaffolding, narrow scaffolds that are magnetically attached or industrial climbers and rope access.

Occupational safety is also a key factor in the collaboration. Over the course of its long cooperation with Shell Moerdijk, Bilfinger has repeatedly set standards when it comes to maintaining occupational safety benchmarks. One example of this is the team’s recent milestone of 500 days in a row without a lost time incident (LTI). In addition, Bilfinger employees help to enforce the occupational safety rules defined by Shell throughout the site and draw attention to potential safety hazards.

Bilfinger is also increasingly putting digital technologies to work at Shell Moerdijk, including a scaffolding app, the Finger Scan and the Insulation PrefApp. These digital solutions make it easier to record time, measure scaffolding and insulation work and create work orders, among other things. As a result, many processes become even faster and more efficient, for example in administration through Robotic Process Automation.

“In addition to these innovations and digital technologies, Shell of course also benefits from our 50 years of experience with their assets and we have a well-trained team on site," says John Putter. "We have, for example, already managed to ensure on-time completion of the work for Shell during turnarounds and huge projects involving over 800 Bilfinger employees on site in 2015 and 2019.”

As in the past, the new order will be handled by the Dutch subsidiary Bilfinger Industrial Services Nederland BV. The industrial services provider specializes in services for insulation, scaffolding, painting, trace heating, asbestos removal, fire protection, noise protection and rope access. The strictest safety and quality requirements are followed throughout all work processes.